Shortstops II

Short Stops-Luis AparicioLuis Aparicio, shortstop

Yes, I’m doing it again.  I have several topics that need to be discussed, none of them seem to be able to support a whole post on their own.  So I’m going to call this action short stops for the foreseeable future. Each one will have a name with it, Luis Aparicio is today’s honoree.  Google him if you like. I hope my post is near as good.

For those of us not familiar with American Big League Baseball, shortstop (between 2nd and 3rd base) is arguably the premier position on any given team.


After 10 days, it’s time for an update.  Over 300 amazing members, it’s cooking right along.  We now have the CTP badges available (I screwed that up at the start) if you haven’t gotten yours, just log in to do so.  My impressions so far?  No matter what they say, it isn’t ‘set it and forget it’.  Not that I intend to forget the site, but it always seems there is something to do…

PTC Advertisements

Having your Santa Claus still up on your current advertisement does nothing to make me think that you are an involved, concerned owner.  At least it does say that you were here as far back as December and aren’t one of the 100 that have launched since then.

PTC Advertisements II

Hey!  I have an idea.  Let’s see if we can put 1000 banners on a single page!  We got 150 on our last page, I’m sure 1000 would be better!  If 100 people per day would click 1000 banners we would be driving a Mercedes tomorrow!  Let’s do it!!

TE Advertisements

Is Free Cash the biggest oxymoron ever?  Does it eclipse Military Intelligence?  Really? Free Cash?  Golly, I never knew there was a cost to cash.  Why would they go and make something so nice as cash cost money??  Jeeze.

DDoS Attacks

Oh, you are so wonderful.  You are just like the great and powerful Oz.  You are in command of the known Universe!

Not so much.  You are a dickhead of epic proportions.  No, not even that.  Your proportions are actually quite small, not visible to the naked eye.  DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) is simply cowardly bullshit.  COWARDLY.


I posted my first blog post on this website January 17, 2013.  Since then I have posted 119 here, 35 for Bill’s badge hunt, 17 for Spooktacular, 4 for Justin Ledvina and one for Scott Wright, the Sports Nerd.  176 blog posts in one year.  I’ll take that.  Thanks for sticking with me!

TE Live

Jon Olson and Patrick Griffith and company have been rocking it this week.  It’s every weekday at 4:00 pm EST.  This link is working again, or you can find it through Spreecast.  I suggest that you subscribe so that you get an email reminder (with link) when it starts!

Anyway, there has been mention of motivational quotes, and the posting of them in your environment.  I thought I’d end this with my favorite motivational quote, I hear it, in my own voice every single morning.

“Get up!  GET UP YOU LAZY BUM!  Somebody else is already up and working!”

I’m just sayin’

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