Blogging and Writing

Writers and Bloggers

I Love BloggingJust recently there has been quite a lot of discussion in our corner of the world wide web about what constitutes good writing and what constitutes good blogging.

I maintain that they aren’t necessarily connected. They can be, but in the main are not.

Good Writing

You know one when you read just a little. Thier prose is tight and smooth, their grammar is perfect, as are punctuation and spelling. These are people that really know how to write, masters of their craft. Their sentences and phrases resonate around the inside of your skull. These are the truly gifted writers, the ones that can make the words mean say precisely what they wish.

Good Blogging

A good blogger makes you think. That is the primary focus of most blogs, to get the reader to focus on the idea and the solution offered by the blogger. At it’s very best, a blog is a touchstone for whatever community it serves. Like the general store of old, it’s a place for people to meet and converse for a time.

Improve your Writing

Lots of choices, from formal classes to blogs dedicated to the project. Steven King says that a poor writer can become competent or a good writer great by study and work. I maintain that reading always improves your writing.

Improve your Blogging

Get to know your community better, engage with as many people as you can. Think about what it is that affects your community.

Read all the blogs that you can, and remember which one(s) gave you pause. How did she do it? Why did she make you pause about that particular subject?

Note the difference between specialized and generalized blog posts. Both have their place, but not in the same post.

Let people know that you are there. You could write the best blog ever, until somebody finds it and reads it, you are just bleating at the wind.

And then What?

Publish. More often is typically better than less.

Stick to it. Do what ever you have to do to publish with regularity. Commit to it, persevere with it, and it will grow.

Have some fun with blogging. Otherwise, you’ll never last at it.

I’m just sayin’

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