Cal Ripken Jr. Shortstop Saturday

Cal Ripken Jr.Cal Ripken Jr.

Certainly one of the top 50 ever at shortstop, Ripken set and shattered the record for consecutive games played.  There is a lot to be said for perseverance, in any venue.

Cal Ripken Jr. is the poster boy for ‘show up every single day and do your best’.  The value of that mentality in business simply can’t be overemphasized.

Today’s Spreecast

My scheduled spreecast for today may not happen.  I am going to a huge motorcycle show in Phoenix, and can’t promise that I will be able to spreecast.  My plan is to take my laptop and share lunch at the show with you.  If I can get adequate wi-fi, if, if, if.  I hope it works and will see you at noon MST, 11 am PST and 2:00 pm EST.  See you there!

TE Live

Jon and Patrick have just been on a tear.  It’s at 4:00 pm every weekday at   A great place to learn and to meet and mingle with others in the business.  It is a must do for me every day.  News, gossip, scandal and very good training.  Come see!


Is there a ‘master calendar for internet marketers??  Somewhere it says “January 15 is the correct time to start the Massive Pre Launch countdown?  There are at least 3 that have shown up in the last couple of days.  One of them promises to be “The biggest launch in the history of the internet”..I am skeptical.

Be very careful around these things.  For one thing, they are always very vague about what a program actually does (they haven’t finished it yet) except for the part where it is going to make you and me and everybody that signs up stupid rich.  Don’t hold your breath.

PTC Proliferation

I’m pretty sure we need more PTC sites.  We must, they are launching at the rate of better than one per day.  I can’t believe how fast they are coming.

One in three of these will fail in the first 3 months.  Another one in 3 won’t last to the end of the year.  It is pretty tempting to get in early and make some money, but the failure rate is enormous.  At the very least don’t invest much of your hard earned money into any of the ‘come latelys’.  With one or two notable exceptions.

Legacy Clix and DrClix  Both of these are run by teams that I personally know, like and trust.  I am involved in both, and both are making me a little money.  Not only that, their ad rates are good and provide productive views as an advertiser.  Both are winners that will be here for the long term.  My highest recommendation for the both.

And in the End

I could never play ball like Cal Ripken Jr., but I can run my business like him.  Show up every single day and give the very best I can.  Every day.

I’m just sayin’

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