TE Advertising: Real World

Advertising Click ButtonOK.  It’s almost 3 weeks since I launched TrackeryMe and I have some data conclusions to share with you.

I did some (for me) significant advertising, and it was all carefully tracked at trck.me.  I got some surprises.

Make My Splash.

Rhonda Pizor.  There is no way to quantify the high quality work that Rhonda did for TrackeryMe, but the work she did on the site and the splash pages and banners are first rate, or better.  Rhonda has one problem, though.  She doesn’t charge enough for her work, and as such is always busy.  You need to get her started on your stuff right away, before she realizes just how valuable she is.


Let’s be real.  I had (have) TimTech’s full support, and they supported my launch like crazy.  TT put more members in my site than every one else put together.  If you are considering a product it would be way worth it to do whatever you need to garner this support.  Even partial is a huge item, I’m telling you.

Advertising that Works

The 4 TimTech sites (Start X, I Love Hits, ThumbVu and Sweeva) did very well for me on the splash page advertising,  View rate is just better than everybody else, and the ‘click ratio’ was top notch.  Not quite the ‘best bang for the buck’, (I’ll get to that), but, compared to everybody else, the best numbers I got.  A startlingly high percentage of my signups came from TT sites.

TERL:  For me, Robert and TERL kicked butt.  I got a terrific sign up ratio in the first week, but it really took off when I had a sponsorship package at TERL.  It only costs $25 for the whole week and the exposure was stupendous for that money.  Unbelievable exposure.

I only had one site that was a complete disappointment:  Hit2Hit.  I’m not sure why, I have had very good results there in the past, and I will continue to advertise there, but TrackeryMe just didn’t go well there.

The rest of my splash page advertising was ‘ordinary’.  I could just about predict the numbers before I started.  Not a bad thing, but TT and TERL were very extraordinary.


OK.  I’ll admit, I’ve listened to Justin Ledvina talk about the economic viability of banner advertising, and I was skeptical.  No more.  Best bang for the buck in the whole campaign, hands down.  The cost of banner advertising is miniscule and the number of clicks per dollar spent is dumbfounding.  I am no longer a skeptic, I am a big supporter.

There is no doubt, Rhonda’s pro grade banners made a huge difference, but I got real good results all across the board with banners.  Notably TERL, Banner Monkey (what a blanket of banners they threw out for me) and NerdBux.  Yes NerdBux.  1,000,000 views for $17 and a very large number of clicks.

Banners work.  It’s that simple.


Sunny Suggs has done it again!  Everybody should be Blogging  will not only explain why you should, but what you should do to get going.  Another in a series of successful ‘how to’ sites, it is going to be epic.  It’s brand new (so new that the name might change:)) and promises to be a great resource for us all.

And in the End

Don’t tell me the TE industry is dead or dying or ailing.  The launch of TrackeyMe has proved differently.

I’m just sayin’




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