Saturday Shortstops: Omar Vizquel

Saturday Shortstops:  Omar VizquelToday’s shortstop is Omar Vizquel.  I was fortunate to see Omar play many times early in his career, he was remarkably competent with his bat and in the field.  He’ll never make the Hall of Fame, but was an all-star 3 times and 11 time Gold Glove winner in a 24 year career.  Omar persisted in a very competitive environment.

Everyone Should be Blogging

Sunny Suggs has done it again.  Not only does she lay out the reasons for blogging in a <gasp> blog post, but has created a site to help people do so.  It promises to be a terrific resource for those that are just starting or resuming a blog.  She can take you from zero to a blog in real short (and inexpensive) order, and will even help with the content to get you started!  No more excuses!!

Surfing Old School

Normally, a new TE launch would not make my blog.  It’s not there aren’t a few to choose from every week.  This one is different.  SOS is from Stephane Touringey, a detail oriented good guy.  It’s clean and smooth and bears checking out.

Sports Nerd

My buddy Scott Wright is starting to make some real noise and impact with his blog.  It’s mostly (but not always) about sports, and Scott’s unique viewpoint on what’s going on.  It’s always worth the read.  Scott (with Bob Pizor) does a Sunday night sports recap show on Spreecast.  A great way to end your weekend, it always ends up with some far ranging discussion.  If you start reading his blog now, you’ll be able to say “I knew him when….”

Bitcoin PTCs

Ok.  I admit, I am more than intrigued with the PTC industry.  I have now made my first foray into the Bitcoin PTC world at BTC clicks.  It’s a little different than anything I am used to or comfortable with, but it is certainly expanding my understanding of BitCoins and that corner of the world.

Bitcoin PTCs Redux

If you think the PTC world is going through an expansion (they are, I believe 6 new sites this last week) you ought to see the BitCoin PTC world.  There have been at least 12 launched in the last week.  Some are so shabby on the ‘cover’ or ‘sales’ page that they are just frightening.  I would not recommend ‘getting in at the start’ with most of those…

Let me give you a clue here:  In a hyper competitive market, that landing page that you cobbled together on a free service just isn’t going to get it done.  Saving a few bucks at the expense of your appearance is false economy.

And in the End

Lot’s of lessons from ‘Little O’ Vizquel.  The biggest for me is persistence and practice. Omar made a long career out of being available and good all the time.  That will work for me, too.

I’m just sayin’

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