How to Attract more Readers

Brand=AttractEverybody wants more readers, right?  Everybody wants more people to notice them, then know them, then like them and trust them.  What’s the best way to do that??

Be Attractive

Want to attract more people to your site, and encourage returns?  Be attractive.  Your blog site doesn’t have to be a big, professional production, but it should encourage readers to read and comment on your blog.

Is it easy to read?

Probably the most or least attractive thing about any blog.  You definitely want it to be easy to read the words you have written.

How’s the header?

Maybe want to change the stock Word Press picture, just a suggestion.  The header is the first glimpse that most get of your blog, try to make that first impression good.  The header for this site is one I made at AdKreator. Easy enough that there are no excuses for not having a decent header.

Smooth and Simple

Think about the sites that you go back to again and again.  Simple is good, smooth is good.  You want your site to load well and have the first look at it be a plus.


There is a fine balance between a blog with some advertising, and a link farm with some words on it.  It’s fine to monetize your site, it makes perfect sense.  Just make sure you have an attractive total product, and don’t be a link farm.

Space and Spacing

Short sentences and short paragraphs make reading easier.  It really is true.  Edit your posts so that they flow in short bursts.  Edit being the operative word.

Type Choices

Standard.  Times New Roman or Arial are the right choices.  I’m sure that mono bizarro looks cool to you, but not so much to your readers.  You want them to never, ever think of the type you are using.  If they notice it, you have screwed up.

And in the End

Make it so your mother would like to look at it.  That’ll do just fine.

I’m just sayin’

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