7 Hints to a Lame Website

Do You Fear Lame Website Syndrome?  Here are 7 hints of lameness.

     Lame Website Syndrome.

How do you know that your website is lame? There are certain criteria that will give you an absolute clue that your site is not up to snuff. Here are my top 7.

7. Christmas Decorations. We all know that holiday branding is a great thing, and a very good business practice. Until you leave your Christmas trim up into February. Better to put your Valentine’s day stuff up on New Year’s day.

6. Banners. I’m not talking the judicious use of banners, they are wildly effective advertising, and easy to handle. No, I’m talking the current trend to surround your content with banners. Header banners, Footer Banners, Left and Right side bar banners, rectangular, square, big, small. Just a hint here. 47 banners on your site will mean that none of them get clicked…

5. Exit Popups. If I have decided to leave your site, or even worse, if I am simply surfing your site in regular rotation and decide to move on without clicking, all your Exit Popup will do is annoy me. To the point that I will never, ever click or buy one of your products. 1995 is on the phone, they want their marketing technology back.

4. Floating popups on EVERY PAGE. I get it. It’s your job to sell advertising. I really do understand. But when your popup obscures data on the page I am after and I have to x it 6 times to get the information I want, it is too much. You could do a lot for your user’s goodwill by locating your floater to be visible but not obscure stuff that is needed. Really.

3. Frame Breakers. I have a vivid imagination, I really do. For the life of me, I can not figure out an angle to using a frame breaker. Has anybody ever in the history of this industry sold a single thing off the results of a frame breaker? Ever? Once? I didn’t think so…

2. Design. Just because you can design your front page off a free service doesn’t make it a good idea. Cheesy and cheap just does not sell. Really. Why would I want to enter a site that presents the front door looking like it was made by a 3rd grader in a poster contest? If that is your best, what kind of junk awaits on the second page? Just a little pride in your product will go a long ways…

1. Color. There are lots of ways to make good color combinations, anybody can do it with a half hour of study and a color wheel. There are lots and lots and lots of ways to make poor color combinations that will turn any audience completely off. The single best way I know to insure a quick bypass is bad colors.

Bonus Hint: Spelling and Spacing. At least, at the very absolute least, turn on Spell Check. Really. And make sure your line spacing is right and the text is lined up right. It is called Proof Reading, you do it before you turn the page loose on the public.

And in the End

I get doing things yourself and saving all the money you can. I don’t get putting out shit and trying to sell something with it.

I’m just sayin’

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