Saturday Shortstops: PeeWee Reese

Jackie Robinson and PeeWee ReeseI grew up with  ‘PeeWee’ Reese.  Not the ballplayer, he was before my time.  Nope, for me, PeeWee Reese and his partner Dizzy Dean brought me the game of the week every Saturday morning during the season.  One of the all time greats in baseball.

CTP is 3

TimTech has done it again.  To celebrate the 3rd birthday of CTP they are having another badgehunt.  This one promises to be as epic as the first two, and they were epic indeed.

The advantages are enormous.  As an advertiser, you just can’t spend a better $25 than by buying a badge or two or more.  The number of people that participate in this are just staggering.  I know my personal results in the first two badgehunts were just stunning.

Sunny Suggs and I will be doing the play by play for this one also.  You can access that website here.  Please note how it looks and how it works.  Sunny is a magician with setting up websites, she can do it for you, she can do it fast, and she does it for a very reasonable cost.  Get your own here!


I need help.  Why geotargeting?  I’m pretty sure I understand the concept, but why?  I mean you are selling stuff, right?  What difference can it possibly make where on earth your ad is seen and sells??  I’d really appreciate it if somebody could give me a clue here.

PTC Land

I can’t help myself, I am simply intrigued by the whole PTC phenomenon.  I have been doing some serious checking around, have joined at least 15 PTCs this week.  I won’t have any ratings for a week or more, but I will say this:  There is some real junk out there, friends.  If in doubt, stick with the winners like Nerdbux, Legacy Clix, Dr Clix, Neobux, Probux and Clicksense.  I hope to find a couple of gems to report to you, but be very careful if doing this yourself…


TERacingLeague has turned a page.  Robert has completely re done the race way, it is now real racing.  You have to set up your car (which I haven’t done at all well, yet), watch your gauges and there is race strategy involved.  It looks to be great fun, come on in and see!  For the record, I have blown an engine in just 30 laps.  Anybody beat THAT record??

PeeWee Revisited

PeeWee was a true gentleman and teammate.  He was a star player in his own right, but he was legendary as a teammate.  Notably Jackie Robinson the year he broke in.  He risked his reputation, career and life to embrace (literally) Jackie R.  Being a good teammate is an important part of success in our business, too.  Nobody does it all alone.

And in the End

I’d rather be known as a great partner than a great individual.

I’m just sayin’


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