This is MY Story

It's MY StoryDisclaimer: This is my story. It is personal. If you don’t like personal, are looking for business only, you might want to go someplace else. I’ll be back at the regular grind in the next post.

What I Did

I flailed around the internet for several years. YEARS. I spent thousands of dollars. Make that tens of thousands of dollars. I learned a lot, mainly how not to do many things.

I wrote a book. Unlike the promise for the course, I did not get rich selling e books. I am, however, proud of my book, and it ranks very well in it’s niche at Amazon. It makes me about $80 per month, and has for quite some time. I learned.

I set up a website, it was not easy, in spite of the promise of the course. It is still up, and I am proud of that one. I have taken down 8 others since. I did not get rich with websites, despite the course promises.

I drifted. I spent. I joined CTP.

Click Track Profit

I was surfing at the other end of the TE world and saw an ad for CTP. I clicked it, and they promised free training. I didn’t believe, but joined anyway. They weren’t lying. Free training with the promise of more for upgrading. I upgraded within a week.

I met Larry Dame and Brenda Broyles. I screwed up my original password at CTP. Brenda and Larry got me fixed right up. I thought they were geniuses. I still do.

It’s just stupid luck, or maybe a real good ad, but my sponsor is Jerry Ianucci. Jerry was the first ‘regular person’ I met online. Not a shill for the program I was paid into, a regular guy that sent me emails, and responded back when I answered. WTH???

TE Live

I read everything. I watch everything. I do everything. There was a login video in my early CTP days for TE Live. I went to check it out, not expecting much. Boy was I surprised.

There was a real guy, Jon Olson there. Often with a sidekick, Justin Ledvina. They talked to a room full of people about ‘doing it’ and talked about how they ‘did it’ and how I could ‘do it’. For FREE. The single most enlightening experience of my TE life, no doubt. There were people, just like me, that I could interact with…Janelle Pineau, you will never, ever know how much your interaction with a dumbass newbie like me meant. I could see you were an action taker, and one of the ‘favored ones’, and wanted to be just like you. I still do. And for what it’s worth, I still go to TELive every day that I can. I don’t miss often.

Taking Action

I met Janelle. I met Marian G. I met Andrew Stark. I couldn’t believe I was meeting all these guys that were getting it done. I had ideas, lots of ideas. I acted on a couple. I wrote ‘CTP Manifesto’. Pretty arrogant of me, but I knew I could explain CTP better (I hadn’t met Patrick Griffin yet) but I worked it out, and got it ready. I could do it!!

I got involved in the 96 hour spreecast marathon. I met tons of people, and was completely hooked. What an experience. Some of the people I met were like Icons to me, I couldn’t even begin to believe they would talk to me, and respond to me…

Then one day in TELive, some person named Sunny Suggs showed up, came back is what the ‘old timers’ said. I thought it was pretty weird, most people use their real name in TELive, and they welcomed her back with great praise. Weird.

How little did I know what that would mean to me. I contacted her, for what ever reason, found out that WAS her name, and interacted. I learned about taking action from Sunny Suggs. Stuff happens when you are around her, and happens FAST. Why she decided that a greenhorn blogger like me would be a good choice for the badgehunt blog is beyond me, but boy, did it change my life.

Reading the Trend Line

There is a trend, here. Any success I have on line is a direct result of people, and taking a chance and acting on things. It’s simple, really. Very hard, but real simple.

Here is the biggest business lesson out of this whole mess: (I am no where near qualified to dispense nuggets) You never, not ever, know which one will perform and which one will not. Treat everybody as if they are the next big thing.

There was no particular pattern in my past to predict that I might succeed.

And in the End

You can do it. I am. If I can, you can.
There is way more to this, and I’ll get back to it before too long.

I’m just sayin’

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