POSHPERITY Fashion for All

Poshperity LogoWell, this has to be the ultimate for me.  I’m getting ready to write a review for a ‘Fashion Accessory Site’.  No, Really.  There is a story….

Virginia Herron used one of her badges in the CTPis3 badgehunt to have people write a blog post about her site, Poshperity.  Clever name, a combination of Posh and Prosperity…

Those that know me even remotely know my innate sense of fashion.  Blue jeans and a tee shirt, long sleeved in the winter, short in summer.  Probably a motorcycle theme, could be a racing shirt.  A fashion accessory is my well worn boonie hat that keeps my head from sunburn.

I went to Poshperity, Nicely laid out, and easy to navigate.  Still the question remains, what do I know of style?  Not much.  Actually, quite a little less than that.

The site actually reminds me of a friend’s website.  She started with no more than Virginia has, and over the course of 6 years has grown it to a solid 6 figure business online.  Maybe there is something to this, after all.  I tried all the buttons, and looked at all the stuff.

Still comes the question.  What am I doing here?  What do I know about fashion?  What can I possibly EVER know about fashion?

What I do know is people that I know, like and trust.  Virginia certainly fits into that category.  In absolute truth, if she says it is stylish and fashionable, then from my perspective it is stylish and fashionable.  You see, I trust Virginia and her sense of style.

There is a lesson here, if I’m bright enough to grasp it.  About the value of positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen field.  If I ever find myself unable to do without a fashion accessory, I will certainly go to Poshperity and Virginia.  Even better than that, I can recommend Poshperity to anyone at any time because of my trust in Virginia.  That is a pretty powerful business model…


This is, without question, the single most difficult thing I have written in many years. I am so overmatched it is incredible.  Another lesson:  Outside your comfort zone is ALWAYS uncomfortable…

It is my pleasure to have done this piece, but more than once over the last two days I have wondered why I said I would.

I’m just sayin’

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