A Bad Business Lesson

Bad Busines-Bad NewsSo. Badge #124. An E book by a TE expert for $9.99, special deal for badge hunters that want his badge and buy it before today because tomorrow it goes to Amazon and will be $14.99.

Now I’m all for writing books and selling them. I have written a couple myself. One I sell on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing, the other I give away to entice people to sign up to my list. Both are accepted business practices, I never have to feel any regrets with either one.

So what’s wrong with badge #124? I’m glad you asked.

Create a Shortage

A very well known marketing technique. By making you believe that you can save some money if you take the deal right now. “It’s $9.99 for today only, then it is out of my control and will go to $14.99 at Amazon” Here’s the bad part. I know how Kindle Direct works. They don’t set the price, you do. In fact, there are some serious advantages to keeping your E book under $10.00. So much so that I really don’t believe the price will be $14.99 at Amazon.

So I sell my book for $3.99. Probably priced a little high, but at that price I make more royalty than Stephen King does selling a copy of The Stand. Granted, Mr. King sells more copies than I do, but my point is that I make a very fair % by doing all the work.

Expert Status

I don’t know everybody in TE land, far from it. But this is a guy I’ve never even heard of before this badgehunt. NEVER. He claims expert status and that he has been around since 2006. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying. I don’t recall ever seeing his name on a comment, or in TE Live or a forum or on a blog post.

I did a little research, went to his website. He’s had it up since sometime in January of 2014. There are a few blog posts, some are just strictly banner posts (no words, just ‘my favorite TEs” and banners with reflinks. The rest are pretty crudely written link buckets for all the products he has for sale, including the book (the other prices are equally outrageous).

Bogus Comment

Here’s what started this investigation. We got a comment on the CTPis3 blog site. It was from “Stephanee” (who had no picture) and was quite long for a comment, raving about the ebook in question and how much it had helped her turn her online life around.

I originally approved it, then went back, because it just didn’t sound right. Turns out Stephanee’s return address went directly to the above mentioned website. Oooppss. Not even inventive enough to create a bogus address to post under.


Don’t create artificial shortages. It may work for awhile, but people get wise pretty quick, and your reputation suffers.

Don’t lie. You get caught in just one lie, and suddenly every thing you have ever said or will say is suspect.

It takes time and effort to be an expert. There is no shortcut. Saying you are an expert doesn’t make it so, and it annoys the very people that you are trying to sell to.

And the worst offense: Don’t post a bogus comment like that on a Sunny blog. She blasted it to the spam file and sent it to Spam Filter Service when she got her first look. Trying to run crap like that past Sunny is like trying to sneak a pork chop past a wolf.

I’m just sayin’

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