Saturday Shortstop: Honus Wagner

Honus WagnerHonus Wagner

Many consider Honus Wagner the best shortstop of all time. Elected into the Hall of Fame in the original class with Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. He certainly had ‘star power’.

A tip of the proverbial hat to Scott Wright, the sports nerd, for the shortstop of the week. Pretty impressive since Wagner played his whole career for Pittsburgh not Cleveland.

What’s up with not using your badges in the CTPis3 badge hunt?  At least 6 waited until the last day to go active and some never did. What? What are you thinking??

So. Just because I’m having a bad day does not mean the world needs to slow down for me. It means I have to put on my big boy panties and catch up. I hate that.

Is it just my sour perception or has twitter doubled their ‘promoted’ ad sites. It seems like just twice as many. I get making money, I really do. Doesn’t mean I have to like it…

Sometimes, I just outsmart myself. I really do. I just got a call that showed on my phone as ‘unavailable’ so I didn’t answer. I never do. If you are unavailable, so am I. This one is different, leaves a message. I listen to the message, it’s an incredibly pleasant sounding young lady that wants to ask me about my impressions from the Indian Motorcycle test. Sigh. I still don’t answer ‘unavailable’.

You know how much I like Google Drive, right? I use it all the time for everything. I can’t imagine life without it, matter of fact. I’ve been using it since it was Google Docs, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Never. Until just now. Trying to figure out how to spell my friend Corina’s last name and Drive is on strike. What?

The strike lasted less than 5 minutes. My faith is restored. And for those keeping score, the answer is Ungureanu.

Tim Linden just answered an email that I thought was destined to a ‘dead letter drop’. How cool is that? One of the partners at TimTech answers in person?? The guy with 10,000 blog subscribers? Really? Anybody have any questions about where their success is rooted?

Honus Wagner had some business sense, too. He was the very first sports figure to represent a product, using the Honus Wagner signature bat from Louisville Slugger. His baseball card from the American Tobacco Company is the most valuable ever because he sued to have his likeness removed. He did not use or condone the use of tobacco and so created the rarest card of all.

We could all use a little of the Honus Wagner business sense. Even if we aren’t the best ever…

I’m just sayin’

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