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1 BitcoinIt’s been a while since I did a product review, it’s time.  Bitcoin Clicks is a site I have been a member of since January 17, 2014 and an upgraded member since February 4.

I started out looking for a site that traded in Bitcoins, so that I could learn more about the operation and insides of Bitcoin.

Let’s get this out of the way:  If you are looking to get rich, this isn’t the place.  The only real way to make serious long term income is Direct Referrals.  Where have you heard that before?

Terminology.  For the sake of not driving everyone crazy here, I will use some abbreviations and shortcuts:

Btc=Bitcoin  1 Bitcoin today trades for about $576 USD

mBtc=miliBitcoin  Like Mili Liter  1 Btc=1000 mBtc  Makes the smaller numbers easier to handle

USD=United States Dollar  The currency standard of the internet.

The Bitcoin Clicks Way

First things first.  This isn’t really a Bitcoin site.  It trades in Bitcoin but it is really a USD site.  How can you tell?  I put $16 into bitcoin (I use coinbase) so that I could upgrade my membership at Bitcoin Clicks and did so on Feb. 4, 2014.  Cost me 6.75 mBtc for a 90 day upgrade.  Since the price of Btc has fallen by 30% since I joined, the same upgrade is 9.45 mBtc today.  Same amount of USD, more Btc.

Bitcoin Clicks is a Pay to Click (PTC) site.  You view ads for a variable amount of time and are rewarded with Btc.  It’s very simple and straightforward in that respect.  It’s a lot less scattered than the normal PTC site, really you only have one choice of ads to view, only the timer varies.  The more time you watch, the more you are paid.

Rented Referrals are handled way differently than a PTC.  You rent RRs for a fixed period of time, and that’s it.  No recycle, not keeping them, they go back in the pool.  Makes for pretty productive rentals in my experience.  I currently have 100 RRs and they tend to be clicking machines.  I really wish I could keep some of them, but…

What I Like

I like the simplicity of the site.  You have all the stats and such you need, but there are only 6 tabs on the main bar.  It is real straightforward.

I like the way RRs are handled.  They are tough to get, and they produce.  They way you buy them is structured so that no member can have more than 300 and that would be hard to do.  No pigging by a few members.

I really, really, really like the return.  I joined on Jan 17th, upgraded on Feb 4th.  On Feb 17th I had earned back every single mBtc that I had invested in RRs and membership.  Nice

What I Don’t Like

The lag.  This isn’t BTC clicks, necessarily, just seems to be industry lag especially when converting USD to Btc or vice versa.  BTC clicks pays of in Btc and does so promptly.

The captcha system of verifying ad views.  I get security, and mostly don’t mind, but there is one color combination that I have a real hard time seeing.

What You Should Know

Bitcoin Clicks is a good solid site with a good solid reputation.  That doesn’t mean that everybody in the industry is.  Viewing the ads you can see any number of scams and schemes and artifices.  Beware.  There are some incredibly shady people in this industry.

Overall, my experience has been incredibly positive here at BTC clicks.

I’m just sayin’

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