CTP is 3 is Done!

Ed Note:  This was originally written for and posted at the CTP is 3 website.  It is posted exactly as written, with very slight differences as required by different hosts for the two sites.  Used by permission of Sunny Suggs and Tom Wacker.

And the Winner is…..

Elina Balashova.  To absolutely no one’s surprise, Elina has defended her title, this time she wins the $500 all by herself.  The change for this badge hunt is that she did not get them all, she scored 199 out of a possible 203.  Huge Congratulations to a great competitor!!  Way to be, Elina.

Nugget for next time.  Watch to see if you think anyone is beating Elina.  It certainly eliminates the pretenders in a hurry.

Man, there was a lot of action during the CTPis3 badge hunt.  The real winners were probably badge holders.  The 18,000 badges awarded is testimony to the fact that a whole lot of people got a whole lot of activity for the price of their badges.

The REALLY Big Winners

John Novak has to be one of the big winners.  He gave away a record smashing 1034 #12 badges, but that isn’t near all.  He gave away nearly 3000 badges all total, just a ton of visitors to his websites.  And that wasn’t the best!  John had two charitable badges, which resulted in a MINIMUM of 250 donations to TE Cares Clean Water and KIVA.  A big Attaboy to John.

William A Miller II had the largest number of badges, and a heck of a lot of play for his websites, too.  He launched an entirely new program on 2 of his sites with badges!  What a great use for the badges.  He also promoted his badges in the general surf, just a terrific effort.  About what I expect from Mr. Miller.

Speaking of Launches, Lynn M launched ‘Win $10 with Lynn” using one of her badges, and by all accounts, a successful launch of what promises to be a successful program.  Way to go Lynn.  Lynn also reports way over 100 subscribers to her list and she also finished in the top 5 of the indivudual hunters.  Pretty darn good ROI, I’m thinking.

Talking about ROI, read a great after action report from Kris Rogers right here.  Kris tallies exactly what her subscribers cost her, and the final number should surprise you.  It certainly did me!

Robert Arnold and TERL are having a big weekend, the number of people introduced to the raceway by the badge hunt is surely a contributing factor…

Jerry Iannucci generated a lot of hits for Mr. Safelist, partially by giving away what would have been a record 737 copies of badge #67.

Andrew Stark, the Scottish Capitalist, promoted heck out of his badge #104 and signed up a ton of prospects.  A really fine example of ‘how to’ for the rest of us.

Disappointments for Me

Sunny Suggs badge #2 was a real badge hunt.  It had several clues and places to go, nothing hard, just a fun badge to get.  I really thought she would do a lot better with it.  Just not even remotely sure why it didn’t.

And most disappointing to me?  Virginia Heron’s #101.  Write a blog post for her fashion site, Poshperity.  I thought (and still think) that it was the most clever use of a badge in the whole hunt, I can’t believe that only 7 people did so.

Final Comments

This was just a rip snorting good promotion from start to finish.  I simply can’t say enough about TimTech, the concept or the way the badge hunt was delivered.  Thanks, TimTech.

Thanks Sunny!  She does the hard work and lets me be the front man.  I just wouldn’t do this without her, I am completely blown away by what a pleasure it is to work with her.  If you don’t talk to Sunny when you need a website or stuff for a website, you are making a huge error.  She is the best!

I had a great time, again.  Thanks for reading and all the great comments.  I really appreciate them each and every one!  You guys rock!

I’m just sayin’

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