Saturday Shortstop: Alan Trammell

Alan Trammell on the cover of Sports IllustratedProbably the best eligible shortstop that is not in the Hall of Fame, Trammell played 19 seasons for the Detroit Tigers.  The greatest impediment to his getting to the Hall is that he played at the same time as Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith, two that are already in the HOF.  I would guess the oldtimers committee will put him into the hall, his numbers are certainly good enough…

So I spent some time over two days going through my blog list.  Sadly, more than a few have gone pretty stale, and a couple are even gone from the internet.  You really, I do mean really, need to post at least every once in a while.  You started your blog with an idea, why not go back to that idea?

Tony Tezak wrote a really good blog post about ‘jumping through hoops’ to get commissions, you can read it right here.  Like I said, the post is real good but you need to read through all the comments.  Some of those are priceless…

Has the Bitcoin Founder been Identified??

Newsweek put him on the cover, there is a lot of rumor and mystery surrounding the guy that nobody really knows.  Is this really the guy?  I found a good source article out of my normal circle, DealBook, explains the whole thing pretty well.  You can see that article here.

Sig Skeie has one of the most beautiful blog sites I have ever seen.  It was done by Rob Parris, (Crusin’ Exchange) and it is just stunning.  Lots of great photographs of costal Norway.  It really is nice, why not stop in and take a look?

Speaking of blogging, if you do, or even think you might, Sunny Suggs has a great place to visit called everybody should be blogging.  Plugins and widgets that Sunny uses or has tested.  Something for everybody that has a WordPress site.

Alan Trammell played all 19 seasons as half of the longest running double play combo ever.  He and 2nd baseman Lou Whittaker were just plain gold in the middle.  There is a lot to be said for working closely with someone for mutual benefit.  Don’t be afraid to ‘partner up’ with somebody that has skills that you don’t.

What ever happened to Alan Trammell?  He’s the bench coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks, I can go see him again anytime.

I’m just sayin’


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