CTP at 100,000

CTP BannerWhat it REALLY Means

First and foremost, congratulations TimTech. Click Track Profit signed up it’s 100,000th member just before midnight EST Saturday night. Huge accomplishment, just huge.

CTP is the first real creation of the company we now know as TimTech, the genesis idea that brought Tim Linden, Jon Olson and Justin Ledvina together. They had an idea and a vision for a ‘business hub’ that would not only teach EVERYBODY how to make a real living online, but have fun doing it.

In almost exactly 3 years of existence, CTP has shown itself to be wildly successful at several levels. Much of what we now take for granted in the TE industry started with and was popularized by CTP.

“Drip Fed Training”

One of the biggest and most successful parts of CTP is the training, and the time locked nature of it. Nobody can just roar through, watch the videos all in one day, and get their certification. Absolutely forces people to take the ‘slow and steady’ approach that is also the sure path to success in the business of TE advertising. Pure genius.


As successful as the “drip fed” system has been, it wouldn’t have worked on the scale it has without the introduction of the surf badges. Part and parcel of CTP, the badges are simply tokens that can be earned by surfing at various TEs. Who knew the popularity that they would bring to an otherwise mundane project, surfing?


CTP has more or less pioneered the social side of the TE industry. ‘CTP friends’ ‘Private Message’ ‘Comment on Profile’ and the ability to share badges with your friends has changed the industry forever. CTP really encourages steady expansion of your social circle, and has been the start of many strong online friendships and partnerships.

“Log in Lessons”

Weekly video lessons from the Team and guest posters. Where many folks get their first look at a whiteboard, a business calendar, mind mapping. Who can forget the $2.73 business model? A seemingly simple innovation, the fact that it is still fresh and meaningful 3 years later is a tribute to the genius of it.


The more things stay the same, the more they change. CTP has a long time history of change. The TimTech team routinely ‘tweaks’ the program. Video Added, TEs added, entire programs and genres added, keeping a mature program new and exciting.

The Result

At the beginning, CTP was an innovative and unique program. It’s growth and progression has engendered a loyalty that makes everybody else jealous. Innovative at the start, it still is. 3 years and 100,000 members has made it much better.

And in the End

In my mind, CTP is the best training available on the net at any price. Was then, is now.

I’m just sayin’

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