WordPress: What’s in a Name?

WordPress LogoSo you have decided to go on with a WordPress site.  To boldly go where no man, well, maybe only a few million have gone before.

WordPress v WordPress

WordPress dot com is a free blog/website site that is hosted by WordPress.  WordPress dot org is the place to download WP to your site.

First Choice

It’s time to decide what you want your website to do.  Do you want to sell stuff?  Write a blog about cute kittens?  Build a list?  It might not be a bad idea to actually write down what you want   from your website.  Make a list and prioritize it.

What’s the Difference?

WP hosted sites are free and easy and very restrictive.  It is free but really, it is a hobbyist site.  If you are serious about your blog and/or business you want to host your own site. Much more freedom and you can monetize your site to your hearts content.  You can be banned for ever and a day from WP dot com for 2 links or one ad.  You really want to host your own.  REALLY.

Next Up:  Hosting

Don’t panic, it’s not that hard.  I’ve done it, I know you can.

It’s time for you to meet Jerry Low, owner of WebsiteHostingSecretRevealed.net  I rammed into him on twitter (He is @WebHostingJerry), and he puts out a surprising amount of content dealing with hosting and other stuff.  He has a post here that deals with 50 terms you need to know (actually, you need about 5:)) and another here that deals specifically with WordPress hosting.  Looking around Jerry’s site for just a while will get you very familiarized with hosting terms and options.

I use HostGator on both my WordPress sites.  Why?  It’s cheap, easy and common.  I don’t have or ever plan to have huge traffic for either site, I don’t need huge volume.  HG supports CPanel (we’ll get to that) and is easy to use.  So far as I know, HostGator has never been down for my sites except for scheduled downtime.  It works for me.

You will need to pick a host and be ready to pay the cost of it before you officially pick a name for your website.  Next time we will get into the specifics of picking and registering a name for your website.

It isn’t Rocket Science.  All you have to do is one step at a time.

I’m just sayin’

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