Tools I Use: Google and More

ToolsTools, and some tips that I use daily.  Some to keep me from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff and some that just work really well for me.

Google Chrome

I’m a chromeboy, freely admit it.  I have been using it at least part time since the very start. Much of what I will post here is from Chrome, but I know that the features are available on IE or Firefox, too.  Not as easy to find, possibly…


Industry standard.  What can I say?  Much has been written about handling huge volumes of mail through Gmail so I won’t waste any words on it.  Simply works better than anything else.

Google Drive

I do all my writing on and storage on Drive.  And much, much more.  I started using Google Docs for invoices for my cleaning service.  When Google shuffled Docs to Drive I was upset.  Until I found out how full featured Drive is.  I recommend it very highly, without reservation.

Some of my ‘off principal’ uses of Drive?

I store the backups for my WordPress sites there.  The free storage is enormous, and the paid storage is cheap.  Really cheap.

Spreadsheets.  Drive isn’t just about the written word.  Spreadsheets are fast and easy if you are familiar with Excel or Office.

Forms.  Drive has an easy form builder that is better than the one I used in Docs to make invoices.


Yes, everybody has them.  Lots of them.  Lots and lots and lots.  I estimate that I have over 5,000 that are in play every day.  More in some saved files in the archives.  Chrome lets you use folders and logical architecture so you can actually find stuff without scrolling through 5000 (or more) entries.  And like all of Chrome, it is cloud based.  Means I can go to any computer that is online and my precious stuff is there.  I could break both my computers today and be in business again tomorrow.  That easy.

FWIW:  I’m not sure if this is the oldest bookmark in my working collection or if this is.  I found them both in less than 2 minutes.  I haven’t used either one in more than 10 years.

Google Search

Well, yeah.  Everybody and then some use Google.  Why would I even mention it? Because I use a couple of others from time to time.  DuckDuckGo is utterly private (NSA anyone?) and Kartoo seems to have a different thrust than Google.  It sometimes works when Google frustrates me.

Google Aps

Also part of Chrome, I use several routinely.  Wallet and Photos are the two I use most. There are millions of free aps available.


I am a big believer.  There is so much garbage on the internet that I run most everything I see in the private sector through Snopes.  Easy to use, and no reason EVER to pass on bad information.

All of My Links

The only paid service on this list.  From the mind and fingers of Sunny Suggs, All of My Links is way worth the modest price to me.  I can log into anyplace that I can think of in 1 minute flat.  So long as I have it in AOML, that is.  This is one of those great ideas that WORKS.


I use Jing for my screenshot and short screen video capture.  It’s free, easy and works. Just a hint:  All of the videos in TrackeryMe were done using Jing.  Really slick and easy.

There are more things that I use, obviously.  These are the big dogs that I use all the time. I really wouldn’t know what to do without them.

I’m just sayin’


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