Click Your Face Off

Click Your Face OffEvery once in a while there is a profound change in the structure of life, a disturbance in the force, or Hell freezes over. It has happened.

My friend Sunny Suggs has a new traffic exchange. Click Your Face Off was launched yesterday with much ado and fanfare.

Click Your Face Off

At first glance, it’s a relatively straight forward TE. Cute mascot, beautiful design and build. The biggest difference between CYFO and any other new exchange come down to a pair.

1. It’s Sunny Suggs. This is not some ‘babe in the woods’, this is a very experienced internet marketer, program owner and TE developer. You KNOW it’s going to work.

2. It’s based on branding. You just about can’t be anonymous at CYFO. You have to get your face in the grind.

What to Expect

Sunny Suggs. Click Your Face Off will be the very best that she can make it…and her best is mighty good. Sunny has a secret. Not only does she have vast experience on the internet, she just plain works harder than everybody else. Trust me on this: I pride myself on my work ethic, and I’m not in the same league.

Consistency. Once Sunny starts a project, she pursues it like a terrier after a rat. She will absolutely make this one of the best sites on the web.

You know how you can tell it’s going to be great? Look at the people promoting it. TimTech, Legacy, Eric Goettman, Robert Puddy, John Novak, Jerry Iannucci, Tony Tezak, Russell Stockley, Tech Dime, and many others. These are savvy smart TE guys that know the value of getting into a place like CYFO and getting downlines started early. How can you go wrong with that??

How did this Happen?

Sunny has told me on more than one occasion that she would never, ever, not even possibly own another traffic exchange. For those that don’t know, she started, developed and sold Boot Scootin’ Traffic. She launched it and took it to a position of prominence in TE land, I have no doubt that she will do the same with Click Your Face Off.

Comes to the story our friend Janelle Pineau. Owning a TE was her mission in life. When she and Sunny first became friends (it’s part of the story about the face. I’ll tell it another time) Janelle expressed her desire. Sunny tried to talk her out of it (it’s a LOT of work, and a real serious commitment) by explaining all the negatives. Janelle was not convinced, and with the inevitability of a glacier on a boulder, wore Sunny down. They formed a partnership, and started the development of the site.

Then, Janelle was hired by TimTech. Company rules are ‘our sites, not yours’, so she divested herself of Banner Monkey and the idea of the TE. For my part of the story, when I decided to hold TrackeryMe until after Christmas/New Year, they gave me their original launch date, Jan. 8. It worked really well for me.

The idea of the TE just wouldn’t leave Sunny alone. She told me some time ago that she was going to go ahead with it…and I’m not saying that Hell froze, but it got cold in Yuma, a close neighbor.

Honesty Bites

That is my referral link up there near the start of this. But I don’t have the best deal going for signing up at Click Your Face Off going. It won’t take you much looking to find a better offer.

This is going to be a dandy TE, I already know.

I’m just sayin’

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