Saturday Shortstop: Bert Campaneris

Bert CampanerisBert Campaneris had a marvelous 20 year career, all in the American League with 4 teams. He is, in fact, one of the highest ranked shortstops not in the Hall of Fame. Known for his speed (he stole almost 700 bases), defense and hitting, Bert Campaneris has another huge distinction in his career. Read to the bottom for the rest of the story.

CTP Teams comes to the end of it’s first month, and it’s even crazier at the end than it was in the beginning. The first monthly prizes are about to be awarded (mountains of TT reward points to the first 25 teams) and the competition is intense. Let me be the first to say congratulations to SurfAholics Alpha. They are a lock to win the first month.

Not only have I raised my surfing profile, I am acting and interacting with a whole new group of people. Who knew? It has been a great month of teamwork with the Lucky 13. We really do have members from all over the globe, are truly the team that never sleeps. It is an absolute privilege to be a member. The Lucky 13 has now been in the Premier League for 4 consecutive weeks. Way to be, Lucky 13.

Several CTP Team related items of note: Nick Grimshawe has scheduled an update at his website, Learn With Nick to reflect team surfing and Kore4 and more. Should be available later today.  I look forward to what Nick has to say.

Lucky 13 member Sunny Suggs has the daily challenge at Click Your Face Off on Monday. Sunny will be a great host, and the Lucky 13 will be out in force.

Richard from team #ovendogs has a badge available to all. He has also announced an attempt to break the single day pages viewed at I Love Hits mark. There will be a spreecast to kick off the attempt….

In September 1965, Bert Campaneris became the first player to play all nine positions in the same major league game. In the inning that he pitched, he switched arms. He pitched left handed to left handed batters and right handed to right handed batters. 3 other players have since accomplished the feat.

Being able to do lots of things real well is an asset, in baseball as well as in business.

I’m just sayin’.

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Dance with Fear

Dance with FearBased entirely on an entry on Brain Pickings Weekly. An interview with Seth Godin by Debbie Millman. Brain Pickings is owned and operated by Maria Popova. It’s really one of the most extraordinary items available on the whole internet. Complete Bibliography at the bottom.

The Key

Seth Godin’s new book “V is for Vulnerable” is formatted as a children’s book. It’s content is anything but. This is a book for adults. The entire interview and selected quotes from it is available in the cited source. For this post, I focus on two paragraphs, and really on a single sentence.


It’s about dancing with fear. As I understand it, all of us, every single one, has fears and barriers to advancing. I used to believe it was just me, as a weak member of the human race, but maybe you let fear stop you, too.

Your fears aren’t going to go away. It’s all about finding a way to deal with them, to not let them stop you. What do you do? What do I do?

The Quote

“ What we need to do is say, “What’s the smallest, tiniest thing that I can master and what’s the scariest thing I can do in front of the smallest number of people that can teach me how to dance with the fear?” “ Seth Godin

What is the teenyest thing I can do to waltz with the fear? I can’t ignore it, I can’t wish it away, so what is the very least I can do to make a dent in my fear, and maybe even more important, to proceed inspite of my fear?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is. Just do the very smallest thing you can to proceed.
Once you have done the very smallest thing you can to go forward against the fear comes the real secret to the thing.

Are you ready?

Repeat. Do the next smallest thing you can. Then the next, and the next. Pretty darn soon you are done!


It’s simple. It really is simple and elegant. Not necessarily easy, but simple. I can do it. You can do it.

I really recommend the article that is cited here by Maria Popova. Matter of fact, her wonderful Brain Pickings site and newsletter is must read stuff for me, I give it my highest recommendation.

I’m just sayin’

Works Cited
“Seth Godin on Vulnerability, Creative Courage, and How to Dance with the Fear: A Children’s Book for Grownups.” Brain Pickings RSS. Web. 28 May 2014. <>.

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Stakeholders or Customers?


Who Are Your Customers?

This is NOT such an easy question in TE Land. If you own a restaurant, the customer base is pretty easy to define. Likewise a landscape service. It’s easy to know who butters your bread in the brick and mortar world.

Depends on what you do. If you are a TE owner, it is obviously your surfers AND your advertisers. If you are an affiliate, it would be your downline(s). If you own a program, it is members. Paid and free.

Why Does it Matter?

Well, aside from the obvious, unless you are giving away $100 bills it’s hard to get customers. As an affiliate, there is promotion and cost for each and every reference. As a TE owner you probably have to advertise and run specials. Unless of course, you have a couple of tons of $100 bills waiting. As a program owner there is heavy and continuous promotion.

As it happens, I have a dollar value for everyone of my referrals. Once I have that in hand, it’s pretty easy to decide what and where to promote. I also have a cost per member at my membership site and a profit per member number, too. If the second number isn’t higher than the first it is only a hobby.

Or is it? You see, my membership and my referrals are also my list. These are the people that like and support me and my programs. If done correctly, these are the people that will tell their friends about my site, about my blog, about how I help them out whenever they ask. There isn’t really a value you can put on that, but it is significant in the long run.


You see, customers are more than just bulging wallets to me, they ARE my business. How they feel about me and my business is the single most important item IN my business. All the great content, all the pretty frills, all the hard work mean nothing without people that are a responsive part of my business. They are the business, I am simply the curator and administrator of that business.

It is the reason I prefer the word stakeholders to customers. These are the people that buy things from me and through me, who use my products and give me feedback that can lead to a better product, who read my blog. The stakeholders actually own a piece of the action in that they ARE the action. If I have done it just right, these are the people that drive my train.

If I haven’t done it just right, many of them will wait patiently for me to do so. If I service their needs well enough while they wait, if I value their stake in my business.


If I were an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sort of guy, I would look back over this post and use people for my keyword. It is in this article so many times because they ARE people, not statistics, not values, not variables. People. Stakeholders.

I’m just sayin’

If you are interested in my business and want to check it further, you can find more here: TrackeryMe (all about and Tom Wacker dot com. It’s all free to join or subscribe.

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Saturday Shortstop: Phil Rizzuto

Phil RizzutoPhil Rizzuto spent his entire career (1941-1956) with the New York Yankees and was a fixture during their dynasty years.  He was a perennial all star, Mvp once and 7 time World Series champion (out of 10 appearances).

I just got the emails from Stephane Touringy owner of TEWiz and Surfing Old School (among other things).  Somebody got into his defenses and corrupted the data bases.  Fortunately, Stephane has good back ups, so damage should be minimal.  Still stinks.  Like a feedyard in a rainstorm.

My friend and compatriot Mr. Scott Wright has a new dedicated blog feature.  He actually asked permission to copy this format (Saturday Shortstop) with his Thursday Throwback feature.  Jack Youngblood is the first throwback, what can I say?  Excellent writing and a great format.

Speaking of great new blogs, Team Lucky 13 has a blog site and promises fresh content EVERY DAY.  Round one is introductory, then the team members will write what they wish.  A really good chance to meet new faces!  Let the record show that Lucky 13 is in the Premier League for the 3rd consecutive week.

The House of Representatives passed legislation to limit the NSA (and others) ability to collect and keep phone data from US citizens.  How much does it change things?  Some.  This article is somewhat slanted toward the government point of view, but it does ask questions.

The House of Representatives also passed (landmark week for the house.  2 bits of legislation) an amendment to the defense bill that will prevent the Commerce Department from giving up technical control of the internet, at least for some time.  Article Here.

Is your spam folder bulging?  More than ever?  Mine certainly is, and I heard a suggestion this week that might explain some of it.  Friend and teammate Boris (DeChuck) feels that Jeffery Johnson sold the membership list at Nerdbux.  Makes it quite a lot of sense to me.

My Thursday post on the changes at Cash Surfing Network stirred a lot of people. (It’s right under this post if you haven’t read it)  I received some clarification from Eric Goettman on several of the points that I questioned, but nearly as many remain.  Going forward, I will be watching intently to see what the actual shake out is. I am not giving up or quitting CSN.  Not by any stretch.  I will be watching…

For all his fame as a player, Phil Rizzuto is probably best known as a Yankee broadcaster, a 40 year career after his playing days were over.

On this Memorial weekend, it’s good to remember that Phil Rizzuto served in the US Navy for over 2 seasons during WWII.

I’m just sayin’


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Cash Surfing Network Changes

For the record: I am an upgraded member of Cash Surfing Network and 4 of the 6 sites that encompass CSN. Legacy Hits, Ninja Surf, Social Ad Surf and Top Hits 4 U. I have 172 referrals in CSN, 59 of those are random referrals as a result of my upgrade there.

I have been not only a fan of Cash Surfing Network, and have been an ardent supporter almost from the start. That is about to change.

Cash Surfing Network

CSN is a co operative venture between the Legacy Group (Rodney Hage, Ken Locatelli and Marcus Wahl) and Eric Goetmann. Each side put 3 sites into the new entity that became CSN. Purpose was to promote and market all 6 sites as a group. A master membership site to promote the other 6.

The idea behind CSN was to bring new members into all 6 sites. Registration at the individual sites was streamlined so that anyone that joined Cash Surfing Network could join the other 6 with a single button push. The hook for affiliates was not only a well promoted site to refer members to, but the possibility of 6 additional referrals per CSN member. It worked, it really did.

From the start, the site catered to and promoted to PTC members. The theory was that by offering a $12.00 cash bonus ($2.00 at each site) and the possibility to surf for cash every day that PTC members would be likely candidates for membership. It worked. There are over 40,000 members in less than 6 months. I know that lots of affiliate marketers promoted (and still do) this site like crazy. Big membership numbers.

The Problem

Cash Surfing Network has from the start offered a guaranteed $1.00 per day to it’s members for surfing. The problem from the start has been a very difficult threshold for collecting that money. It takes surfing 555 pages per site for a $0.15 (fifteen cent) payout. Payout trigger was set at $15.00 per site or 100 days of surfing 555 pages to cash out. Even with those restrictions, a large number of members complete at least some of the required sites every day.

On May 19th I received an Email from the Legacy team announcing changes to Cash Surfing Network commission level. Of course I read it, I have a vested interest. Anything that puts more money in my pocket is a good thing, right?

The Answer

The changes announced were basically that anyone that was taking daily commission out of the site had to be an upgraded member. What that means is that anyone surfing their 555 pages per day has to upgrade in each site to collect. Means they have to pay $4.00 per month with the possibility of earning $4.50. FOR EACH SITE. Does anyone really think that might happen? Really?

My Perception

The first thing I thought of was economics. It seems the sort of thing that a site in financial trouble would do, reduce the commission payments.

Later, I thought of Jeffery Johnson, the absolute master of the money grab. His specialty is pay to clicks that have near impossible payment thresholds (his newest has a $1000 minimum) and when he hits the money totals he is looking for he folds the site.

Either way, this move stinks.

And in the End

I never, ever thought I would write a column like this about any of the Legacy team or anybody involved in Cash Surfing Network. I admire these guys, I am an upgraded supporter of them across the board. If Legacy owns it, I am upgraded.

I so hope I am wrong. I have been wrong before, and for once, I really hope I am wrong this time.

I’m just sayin’

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Authority Blog Profits

This isn’t the post I had written for today. It was a good enough post, but this is stuff you absolutely need to be aware of. Now.

Authority Blog Profits

Sergio Felix has released his long anticipated WordPress authority product. I can’t say that it is the definitive WordPress product available, because I am not even aware of all of them. I am aware of quite a few, and have purchased more than one. This is simply the very best I have seen.

Who Dat?

Sergio Felix. I first got acquainted with Sergio through his video efforts. Funny, direct and almost always with a lesson imbedded in them. He lives in Mexico, is recently married and has been making his living for roughly 15 years with computers and online business. An experienced IT guy, he is also an accomplished guitarist, good enough to get paid for his services. A very talented guy.

The Product

I am close enough to Sergio to have gotten to see some of his work in the production stage. He is absolutely relentless in the pursuit of perfection (Sorry Lexus). If something mystifies him he doesn’t pass it by, he researches it until he has it down.

Authority Blog Profits is an incredibly simple and detailed series of videos that tell you EXACTLY what you have to do to set up a WordPress site. For those unfamiliar with what WordPress can be, it’s not just blogging software. Lots of high powered business sites are based on WordPress. Incredibly flexible product, and as such, very complex and hard to get to know.

Sergio takes you through the whole process, from soup to nuts. He always gives two or more alternatives to every option. Generally paid and free. He’ll tell you things you just about have to pay for, and the things you can do yourself for free.

Who Needs This?

Authority Blog Profits is for anybody that has or wants to have a website. From a single page blog set up to the most complex site you can imagine. So, basically, everybody that wants to have a presence online.


You are probably thinking that since I left price until the end that it is bad news. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Fact of the matter is that I think Sergio made a mistake with his pricing. I think he did what many of us do: Undervalue his product because it is his.

$37.00. I paid better than 10x that for a product that isn’t as good. And I still think the other , product was worthwhile. I got a lot from it.

And there is even better news. Sergio has Authority Blog Profits in limited release right now. Limited to CTP members and the price is $10.00. Really. One time payment. It’s worth more, much, much more.

So. Because of the price, and the deal to CTP members, the links in this post aren’t my affiliate links. They are TimTech’s link, because you can get up to 1 million CTP teams points by joining under that link. It’s the best deal going.

When Sergio takes Authority Blog Profits into general release I will proudly promote it under my link. What I really want today is for EVERYBODY to take advantage of a great product for a stupid good price.

Sergio is a friend of mine. More than anything I can think of I would like to see him make a huge sum of money. He’s earned it.

I’m just sayin’



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Saturday Shortstop: Mario Mendoza

Mario MendozaMario Mendoza is best remembered not for his ability to play shortstop (which was considerable) but for his inability to hit.  He became only the 4th player in big league history to play in a minimum of 148 games and have a season batting average of less than .200 (.198).

CTP Teams has had a prodigious week.  New bonuses and incentives were announced and taken advantage of.  Positions on the leaderboard often changed hourly as the teams slugged away at each other.  All that can be reported accurately today is this:  Lucky 13 is in the Premier League for the 2nd consecutive week.

The “Net Neutrality” controversy rages on.  (Article)  By a vote of 3-2 the FCC has passed a proposed set of rules to govern the internet for the next 20 years.  The rules will be published, and public comments solicited.  You can bet there will be some.

In what could be a momentous announcement for both companies, Google announced that it will now accept PayPal for purchases at Google Play.  (Article)  That’s two pretty big players that are co operating at some level.

Do you (or anyone) have the right to be forgotten?  Is there a chance that my one shot a Karoke video can go away and stay away?  Should it?  A judicial panel in Europe has told Google that in some cases people do indeed have the right to be forgotten.  Article Here.

For you Astronomy geeks:  A potentially huge, never before seen Meteor Shower will occur on May 23-24.  It is the first time ever that earth has passed through the trail of the comet 209P/Linear.  Named for the constellation Camelopardalid, you should be able to have the best look between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.  The moon should be perfect for a great show.

Mario Mendoza is best known today not for what he did, but what he didn’t do.  A .200 batting average is known throughout baseball as the Mendoza line.  It’s never good when a player is said to be near the Mendoza line.  Don’t be that guy.

I’m just sayin’

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Great Teams

Great TeamsSpeed kills, but isolation strangles.

When I think of the great entrepreneurs of all time, I get this picture in my mind of Edison persisting in a dingy laboratory until he gets the light bulb right. Henry Ford building cars all by himself, the Wright brothers building an airplane in a bicycle shop. Gates and Allen in a garage in Seattle. The greatest of the great solo acts, a great idea and a singular drive to bring that idea to the masses.

What a pretty picture I paint. Too bad it is just so much hogwash.

Great Individuals had Great Teams

Edison had staff. A very talented group that was his research and development team. Henry Ford did build a couple of cars by himself. They were awful, not a single example exists today. The Wrights were able to use the best engineering of the time to create their singular idea. Gates and Allen had a whole group of friends and colleagues that they could bounce ideas and techniques off of.

It doesn’t diminish the accomplishment one iota, takes nothing from the great leaps forward. People helped the greats, people help the not so great.

Do it Yourself, Bob.

It’s a great theory, doing everything yourself and reaping all the rewards of success all by yourself.

Problem is, it just doesn’t work that way. At least for normal mortals. Nobody, at least nobody that I know of, is able to be an island. Nobody can do everything, so you might as well get rid of that idea.

I have a Friend

Actually, I have more than one. Any success that I have had has ALWAYS been a group effort. It is much in my best interest to cultivate people that I can lean on and go to in whatever situation I might find myself. Had I never met Sunny Suggs I would have come and gone in this industry with out so much as a ripple.

Blah Blah Blah

So where is the lesson in it? We (You and I) have an incredible opportunity right now today. CTP Teams has the structure to get to know, like and trust up to 25 new best friends. People that are just people and teammates today can and will be your trusted friends of tomorrow.

I strongly urge every body join a CTP Team. Participate, and get to know your peeps. It’ll pay great dividends in your future. I can promise you that.

One More Thing

I wish I had a place on the Lucky 13 for every one of you. It’s a great team, no doubt about it.  I don’t. Find your own team and kick our ass for leaving you on your own!

I’m just sayin’

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Split Test for Dummys

Split TestSplit Test This

If you are going to advertise, you are going to have to know about split testing. Simply put, split testing is ‘splitting’ your audience to try two different ads. The object is to see which one works better.

At the start of a test, you might (probably should) test two entirely different ads. Find the one that works the best, then test another against it. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed, until you have the one or two ads that really rock your audience.

The next step is to split test the ad that works the best. Change something small (say red letters instead of the original blue or change the headline) and split test. Change something again, and again and again.

Now you have your absolutely best producing ad. You will need to continue split testing it against new ads to see when it’s effectiveness drops or when a new ad works better.

And What do You Get?

You get to know that you are spending the absolute minimum for the maximum advertising value. You also get significant work and records to keep. Not to mention the expense of cranking up another ad run (It probably takes 10,000 hits/views/opens to make the results realistic).

It really is a lot of work and expense. When I was in direct mail advertising you could rack up really enormous sums of money just in the testing phase. It’s better now that I use digital advertising, but still…

The Answer

I know the answer, and it is cheap. It’s from TimTech.

In, you can set 2 (or more) ads into their own rotator and the program rotates them for every single view. You can’t make a better split than that. It’s really easy to split test one ad against another. Pop it in a rotator, wait until the counter hits 10,000 and see what happened. When I am starting a brand new campaign, I like to put in 3 or even 4 ads into rotation. It becomes pretty obvious pretty fast which ones work best. has several other features to consider. It has a timer so you can set your ads up for specific times. It allows you unlimited uses. It tracks where every ad was shown and what the results were, every time. It is dead simple. It is truly an amazing piece of gear.

And I have a program, TrackeryMe that will explain in great detail what the features are and how to use them. TrackeryMe is even cheaper than
It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s cheap and it needs to be done. What are you waiting for?

I’m just sayin’





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Saturday Shortstop: Barry Larkin

Barry Larkin is a Hall of Fame shortstop that spent his entire career with the Cincinnati Reds.  A fine hitter and very good defensive player, Larkin dominated the position for over 10 years.

The Net Neutrality act is not moving right along.  (Article Here)  FCC chairman Wheeler has found serious opposition to his plan from inside and outside his commission.  The ‘little guy’ on the internet is bringing some serious opposition as are several Silicon Valley firms.  And Mozilla has a third option that bears some looking (Here) at.  A real possible alternative.

California has passed the controversial Kill Switch bill for Smartphones.  It simply says that an owner of a smart phone has the right to turn it off for everyone if it is lost or stolen. Shouldn’t be a big deal, only makes sense, right?  The article is here, see for yourself.

A new weekly feature is the Lucky 13/CTP Teams update and smack talk.

Nathan LaPlante (Crazy Cats People).  As of Friday afternoon, his 1.57 million CTP teams points would put him in 7th place overall.  All by himself. Ahead of 21 teams.  Easily in the Premier League.  Let the Founders team stew on that for a few minutes…

Here’s the deal.  I am a tattoo virgin, a completely blank canvas.  I vow that if Lucky 13 wins this years competition for CTP Teams, I will get a Lucky 13 tattoo.  I’m committed. Watch this space to see how I am doing toward ‘inked’.

So.  I joined etrafficfreedom this week because it was the only possibility for vault points on Thursday.  8 second timer and 95% autoassign probably won’t send me back there just anytime soon.

Barry Larkin was big time and stayed that way for a long time because he worked hard.  He worked to improve his game every season.  Last year wasn’t good enough.  It’s a pretty darn good place for me to be.  Keep working.

I’m still stayin’ Leo Strong!  Hoping you will too!

I’m just sayin’

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