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Kore4 SweevaWhat in the world is going on at Sweeva? The timer is jumping around, people are leaving funny comments, there are specific ads dealing with ….what?


OK. If you have been breathing the last couple weeks, you know that TimTech brought out a new membership level called Kore4. It incorporates Click Track Profit with the 4 TT Traffic Exchanges: I Love Hits, Start Exchange, Sweeva and ThumbVu.

The merits of Kore4 have been seen and discussed a lot. For me, personally, it makes absolute sense. It saves me $15 per month, every month right off the top. It offers a commission level previously unknown at TimTech. It showers me with credits and perks every month. It’s an absolute no brainer for me.


The Kore4 Sweeva upgrade brings plenty to the table:

It raises the ‘credits per click’ raito at least 20% for everyone.
It allows you to carry 50 bids at any given time (You don’t have to delete. Inactive works)
1000 credits per month, increases by 100 per month
50% commission level
Be part of the Sweeva Beta Team

The Beta Team

Psssstt. I’m going to tell you a secret. TimTech is changing the look of Sweeva. That part is done, and they are going to make changes to the way Sweeva works, too.

The only way to see the changes at Sweeva right now is to upgrade to Kore4. You get to see the new Sweeva pages and be a part of the Beta Test Team.

Right now, TT is trying different options for the timer at Sweeva. If you are part of Kore4, you get to be a part of the feedback loop and will be queried about your preferences.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the RocketResponder Beta Test team, the level of participation and input is astounding. I really like that I can be part of the same process at Sweeva. It is, after all, my favorite TE.

I also need to admit right here and now, that I jumped to conclusions at the 8 second timer test and was afraid for my beloved Sweeva. The current test is a choice of 15, 30, or 60 second timer as set by the bid process. I ran a 15 second ad the last 24 hours, and have a 60 second product going today. I’ll have more to say on this timer experiment shortly…

So. If you ever wanted to be a part of a Beta test team for an active development group, Kore4 is the answer to the question.

I’m staying Leo Strong until Leo can be strong for himself!

I’m just sayin’

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