Saturday Shortstop: Chico Carrasquel

Chico CarrasquelChico Carrasquel is the absolute first of the Venezuelan shortstops, breaking ground for several of the greats.  He was the first Latin American native ever to start in an All Star game.

If you use Google Drive like I do you will want to check this out:  You can use an App from Google to work offline and it has enhanced search functions!  At least that is the rumor.  I can’t find this specific app on Google or on Drive.  But I did find a really cool ap that will let me insert a Google Map into any Drive Document.  Cool stuff.

I have been seeing an increase in emails that don’t have an unsubscribe link.  If CANSPAM would just issue all of us honest operators a TICKET BOOK, life would be better.

Oh, then there is multiple unsubscribe.  Yesterday I unsubed from a list I never signed up for.  2 hours later, another email from the same folks.  Upon closer examination, this one had an apostrophe in front of the name…  I unsubed again.  Just before I went to bed, another came with an asterisk in front of the name.  My patience is growing thin…

Bitcoin Bank?  Really.  A company plans to open the first Bitcoin bank this summer. Article Here  The obvious advantages would be the need to store bitcoin in your own or somebody else’s’ wallet.  And the possibility of bitcoin drawing interest…

Bitcoin is right at $450 today.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that one or more of Bruce Jenner’s step daughters has been seen at Click Your Face Off…  the Truth is, Sunny has a great new TE going there.  Smooth and fast, check it out…

Chico Carrasquel is not the first Latino to play the game.  His uncle played for the Senators as early as 1939.  But he was a standout player, the first.

Stand out, be first.  It’s a pretty good business strategy, too.

I’m just sayin’

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