CTP Teams

CTP Teams

The boys and girls at Click Track Profit have absolutely done it again.  CTP Teams was launched on Monday morning.

The launch was soft and gentle, with no fanfare.  The response and activity has been anything but.  24 teams, 251 players in the first 3 days!

What the H E double Hockey Sticks?

Basically, each team consists of up to 25 players.  CTP experience points are used as the scoring medium with a bias toward upgraded members.  Free members get one point per experience point, upgraded members get 2 points per CTP point and Kore4 members are scored at 4x.

The league is set up like the English Football League.  The top 10 teams are in the Premier League, everybody else is in the Competitive League.  The top three teams in Competitive League move up to Premier every week, and the bottom three in Premier move down every week.

Premier League members (and therefore teams) get a 10% bonus on Nerd Surfing each week.  A significant boost.

Join a CTP Team, or start a team (you have to be Kore4 to start a team).  There are prizes to be won, and smack to be talked.  I am sure it is going to be great fun.

Smack Talk

I am a proud member of the Lucky 13.  We have been in the Premier League for 1 consecutive week.  Get used to that number of weeks call, you will see it for a long time.

We are in this competition to win it.  Weekly, monthly, yearly.  There are a couple of others ahead of us right now, but I promise you we will grind them until they fall.  I will announce the consecutive number of weeks in the Premier League every Saturday.

Our strategy?  It’s simple, really.  Grind.  Do what it takes every day.  Every single day.  Vaults.  Nerd Surf.  Advertise.  Get Badges.  Wheel spins.  Grind.

You might as well get used to the idea.  Lucky 13 is going to be in your face.  Just like TimTech and CTP Teams.

I’m just sayin’

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