Saturday Shortstop: Barry Larkin

Barry Larkin is a Hall of Fame shortstop that spent his entire career with the Cincinnati Reds.  A fine hitter and very good defensive player, Larkin dominated the position for over 10 years.

The Net Neutrality act is not moving right along.  (Article Here)  FCC chairman Wheeler has found serious opposition to his plan from inside and outside his commission.  The ‘little guy’ on the internet is bringing some serious opposition as are several Silicon Valley firms.  And Mozilla has a third option that bears some looking (Here) at.  A real possible alternative.

California has passed the controversial Kill Switch bill for Smartphones.  It simply says that an owner of a smart phone has the right to turn it off for everyone if it is lost or stolen. Shouldn’t be a big deal, only makes sense, right?  The article is here, see for yourself.

A new weekly feature is the Lucky 13/CTP Teams update and smack talk.

Nathan LaPlante (Crazy Cats People).  As of Friday afternoon, his 1.57 million CTP teams points would put him in 7th place overall.  All by himself. Ahead of 21 teams.  Easily in the Premier League.  Let the Founders team stew on that for a few minutes…

Here’s the deal.  I am a tattoo virgin, a completely blank canvas.  I vow that if Lucky 13 wins this years competition for CTP Teams, I will get a Lucky 13 tattoo.  I’m committed. Watch this space to see how I am doing toward ‘inked’.

So.  I joined etrafficfreedom this week because it was the only possibility for vault points on Thursday.  8 second timer and 95% autoassign probably won’t send me back there just anytime soon.

Barry Larkin was big time and stayed that way for a long time because he worked hard.  He worked to improve his game every season.  Last year wasn’t good enough.  It’s a pretty darn good place for me to be.  Keep working.

I’m still stayin’ Leo Strong!  Hoping you will too!

I’m just sayin’

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