Split Test for Dummys

Split TestSplit Test This

If you are going to advertise, you are going to have to know about split testing. Simply put, split testing is ‘splitting’ your audience to try two different ads. The object is to see which one works better.

At the start of a test, you might (probably should) test two entirely different ads. Find the one that works the best, then test another against it. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed, until you have the one or two ads that really rock your audience.

The next step is to split test the ad that works the best. Change something small (say red letters instead of the original blue or change the headline) and split test. Change something again, and again and again.

Now you have your absolutely best producing ad. You will need to continue split testing it against new ads to see when it’s effectiveness drops or when a new ad works better.

And What do You Get?

You get to know that you are spending the absolute minimum for the maximum advertising value. You also get significant work and records to keep. Not to mention the expense of cranking up another ad run (It probably takes 10,000 hits/views/opens to make the results realistic).

It really is a lot of work and expense. When I was in direct mail advertising you could rack up really enormous sums of money just in the testing phase. It’s better now that I use digital advertising, but still…

The Answer

I know the answer, and it is cheap. It’s trck.me from TimTech.

In trck.me, you can set 2 (or more) ads into their own rotator and the program rotates them for every single view. You can’t make a better split than that. It’s really easy to split test one ad against another. Pop it in a rotator, wait until the counter hits 10,000 and see what happened. When I am starting a brand new campaign, I like to put in 3 or even 4 ads into rotation. It becomes pretty obvious pretty fast which ones work best.

Trck.me has several other features to consider. It has a timer so you can set your ads up for specific times. It allows you unlimited uses. It tracks where every ad was shown and what the results were, every time. It is dead simple. It is truly an amazing piece of gear.

And I have a program, TrackeryMe that will explain in great detail what the features are and how to use them. TrackeryMe is even cheaper than trck.me.
It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s cheap and it needs to be done. What are you waiting for?

I’m just sayin’





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