Great Teams

Great TeamsSpeed kills, but isolation strangles.

When I think of the great entrepreneurs of all time, I get this picture in my mind of Edison persisting in a dingy laboratory until he gets the light bulb right. Henry Ford building cars all by himself, the Wright brothers building an airplane in a bicycle shop. Gates and Allen in a garage in Seattle. The greatest of the great solo acts, a great idea and a singular drive to bring that idea to the masses.

What a pretty picture I paint. Too bad it is just so much hogwash.

Great Individuals had Great Teams

Edison had staff. A very talented group that was his research and development team. Henry Ford did build a couple of cars by himself. They were awful, not a single example exists today. The Wrights were able to use the best engineering of the time to create their singular idea. Gates and Allen had a whole group of friends and colleagues that they could bounce ideas and techniques off of.

It doesn’t diminish the accomplishment one iota, takes nothing from the great leaps forward. People helped the greats, people help the not so great.

Do it Yourself, Bob.

It’s a great theory, doing everything yourself and reaping all the rewards of success all by yourself.

Problem is, it just doesn’t work that way. At least for normal mortals. Nobody, at least nobody that I know of, is able to be an island. Nobody can do everything, so you might as well get rid of that idea.

I have a Friend

Actually, I have more than one. Any success that I have had has ALWAYS been a group effort. It is much in my best interest to cultivate people that I can lean on and go to in whatever situation I might find myself. Had I never met Sunny Suggs I would have come and gone in this industry with out so much as a ripple.

Blah Blah Blah

So where is the lesson in it? We (You and I) have an incredible opportunity right now today. CTP Teams has the structure to get to know, like and trust up to 25 new best friends. People that are just people and teammates today can and will be your trusted friends of tomorrow.

I strongly urge every body join a CTP Team. Participate, and get to know your peeps. It’ll pay great dividends in your future. I can promise you that.

One More Thing

I wish I had a place on the Lucky 13 for every one of you. It’s a great team, no doubt about it.  I don’t. Find your own team and kick our ass for leaving you on your own!

I’m just sayin’

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