Saturday Shortstop: Mario Mendoza

Mario MendozaMario Mendoza is best remembered not for his ability to play shortstop (which was considerable) but for his inability to hit.  He became only the 4th player in big league history to play in a minimum of 148 games and have a season batting average of less than .200 (.198).

CTP Teams has had a prodigious week.  New bonuses and incentives were announced and taken advantage of.  Positions on the leaderboard often changed hourly as the teams slugged away at each other.  All that can be reported accurately today is this:  Lucky 13 is in the Premier League for the 2nd consecutive week.

The “Net Neutrality” controversy rages on.  (Article)  By a vote of 3-2 the FCC has passed a proposed set of rules to govern the internet for the next 20 years.  The rules will be published, and public comments solicited.  You can bet there will be some.

In what could be a momentous announcement for both companies, Google announced that it will now accept PayPal for purchases at Google Play.  (Article)  That’s two pretty big players that are co operating at some level.

Do you (or anyone) have the right to be forgotten?  Is there a chance that my one shot a Karoke video can go away and stay away?  Should it?  A judicial panel in Europe has told Google that in some cases people do indeed have the right to be forgotten.  Article Here.

For you Astronomy geeks:  A potentially huge, never before seen Meteor Shower will occur on May 23-24.  It is the first time ever that earth has passed through the trail of the comet 209P/Linear.  Named for the constellation Camelopardalid, you should be able to have the best look between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper.  The moon should be perfect for a great show.

Mario Mendoza is best known today not for what he did, but what he didn’t do.  A .200 batting average is known throughout baseball as the Mendoza line.  It’s never good when a player is said to be near the Mendoza line.  Don’t be that guy.

I’m just sayin’

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