Cash Surfing Network Changes

For the record: I am an upgraded member of Cash Surfing Network and 4 of the 6 sites that encompass CSN. Legacy Hits, Ninja Surf, Social Ad Surf and Top Hits 4 U. I have 172 referrals in CSN, 59 of those are random referrals as a result of my upgrade there.

I have been not only a fan of Cash Surfing Network, and have been an ardent supporter almost from the start. That is about to change.

Cash Surfing Network

CSN is a co operative venture between the Legacy Group (Rodney Hage, Ken Locatelli and Marcus Wahl) and Eric Goetmann. Each side put 3 sites into the new entity that became CSN. Purpose was to promote and market all 6 sites as a group. A master membership site to promote the other 6.

The idea behind CSN was to bring new members into all 6 sites. Registration at the individual sites was streamlined so that anyone that joined Cash Surfing Network could join the other 6 with a single button push. The hook for affiliates was not only a well promoted site to refer members to, but the possibility of 6 additional referrals per CSN member. It worked, it really did.

From the start, the site catered to and promoted to PTC members. The theory was that by offering a $12.00 cash bonus ($2.00 at each site) and the possibility to surf for cash every day that PTC members would be likely candidates for membership. It worked. There are over 40,000 members in less than 6 months. I know that lots of affiliate marketers promoted (and still do) this site like crazy. Big membership numbers.

The Problem

Cash Surfing Network has from the start offered a guaranteed $1.00 per day to it’s members for surfing. The problem from the start has been a very difficult threshold for collecting that money. It takes surfing 555 pages per site for a $0.15 (fifteen cent) payout. Payout trigger was set at $15.00 per site or 100 days of surfing 555 pages to cash out. Even with those restrictions, a large number of members complete at least some of the required sites every day.

On May 19th I received an Email from the Legacy team announcing changes to Cash Surfing Network commission level. Of course I read it, I have a vested interest. Anything that puts more money in my pocket is a good thing, right?

The Answer

The changes announced were basically that anyone that was taking daily commission out of the site had to be an upgraded member. What that means is that anyone surfing their 555 pages per day has to upgrade in each site to collect. Means they have to pay $4.00 per month with the possibility of earning $4.50. FOR EACH SITE. Does anyone really think that might happen? Really?

My Perception

The first thing I thought of was economics. It seems the sort of thing that a site in financial trouble would do, reduce the commission payments.

Later, I thought of Jeffery Johnson, the absolute master of the money grab. His specialty is pay to clicks that have near impossible payment thresholds (his newest has a $1000 minimum) and when he hits the money totals he is looking for he folds the site.

Either way, this move stinks.

And in the End

I never, ever thought I would write a column like this about any of the Legacy team or anybody involved in Cash Surfing Network. I admire these guys, I am an upgraded supporter of them across the board. If Legacy owns it, I am upgraded.

I so hope I am wrong. I have been wrong before, and for once, I really hope I am wrong this time.

I’m just sayin’

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