Dance with Fear

Dance with FearBased entirely on an entry on Brain Pickings Weekly. An interview with Seth Godin by Debbie Millman. Brain Pickings is owned and operated by Maria Popova. It’s really one of the most extraordinary items available on the whole internet. Complete Bibliography at the bottom.

The Key

Seth Godin’s new book “V is for Vulnerable” is formatted as a children’s book. It’s content is anything but. This is a book for adults. The entire interview and selected quotes from it is available in the cited source. For this post, I focus on two paragraphs, and really on a single sentence.


It’s about dancing with fear. As I understand it, all of us, every single one, has fears and barriers to advancing. I used to believe it was just me, as a weak member of the human race, but maybe you let fear stop you, too.

Your fears aren’t going to go away. It’s all about finding a way to deal with them, to not let them stop you. What do you do? What do I do?

The Quote

“ What we need to do is say, “What’s the smallest, tiniest thing that I can master and what’s the scariest thing I can do in front of the smallest number of people that can teach me how to dance with the fear?” “ Seth Godin

What is the teenyest thing I can do to waltz with the fear? I can’t ignore it, I can’t wish it away, so what is the very least I can do to make a dent in my fear, and maybe even more important, to proceed inspite of my fear?

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is. Just do the very smallest thing you can to proceed.
Once you have done the very smallest thing you can to go forward against the fear comes the real secret to the thing.

Are you ready?

Repeat. Do the next smallest thing you can. Then the next, and the next. Pretty darn soon you are done!


It’s simple. It really is simple and elegant. Not necessarily easy, but simple. I can do it. You can do it.

I really recommend the article that is cited here by Maria Popova. Matter of fact, her wonderful Brain Pickings site and newsletter is must read stuff for me, I give it my highest recommendation.

I’m just sayin’

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