Saturday Shortstop: Bert Campaneris

Bert CampanerisBert Campaneris had a marvelous 20 year career, all in the American League with 4 teams. He is, in fact, one of the highest ranked shortstops not in the Hall of Fame. Known for his speed (he stole almost 700 bases), defense and hitting, Bert Campaneris has another huge distinction in his career. Read to the bottom for the rest of the story.

CTP Teams comes to the end of it’s first month, and it’s even crazier at the end than it was in the beginning. The first monthly prizes are about to be awarded (mountains of TT reward points to the first 25 teams) and the competition is intense. Let me be the first to say congratulations to SurfAholics Alpha. They are a lock to win the first month.

Not only have I raised my surfing profile, I am acting and interacting with a whole new group of people. Who knew? It has been a great month of teamwork with the Lucky 13. We really do have members from all over the globe, are truly the team that never sleeps. It is an absolute privilege to be a member. The Lucky 13 has now been in the Premier League for 4 consecutive weeks. Way to be, Lucky 13.

Several CTP Team related items of note: Nick Grimshawe has scheduled an update at his website, Learn With Nick to reflect team surfing and Kore4 and more. Should be available later today.  I look forward to what Nick has to say.

Lucky 13 member Sunny Suggs has the daily challenge at Click Your Face Off on Monday. Sunny will be a great host, and the Lucky 13 will be out in force.

Richard from team #ovendogs has a badge available to all. He has also announced an attempt to break the single day pages viewed at I Love Hits mark. There will be a spreecast to kick off the attempt….

In September 1965, Bert Campaneris became the first player to play all nine positions in the same major league game. In the inning that he pitched, he switched arms. He pitched left handed to left handed batters and right handed to right handed batters. 3 other players have since accomplished the feat.

Being able to do lots of things real well is an asset, in baseball as well as in business.

I’m just sayin’.

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