What Works in Today’s Market

What WorksWhat Works in Today’s Market

I see a lot of advertisements every day, and visit a lot of sites. I like to see what works, and what doesn’t. Today I will visit several that do work, and that you can use, and probably throw in one or two that don’t work so well.

Give Away the Farm

On a large scale, the Legacy team are the absolute masters of this. They are giving their users and even those that just see their ads stuff all the time. Useable stuff. Good stuff. Stuff we all want. Credits. Impressions. Stuff we otherwise pay money for.

Go to any of the Legacy TEs and log in. After the OTO and the spotlight of the day, what do you see? You have won a free raffle ticket. Click here. (that is important). You click and what do you see when you claim your ticket? A whole gob of really great prizes (500 credits, are you kidding me?) and smiling winners. Of course I want my ticket. Every 100 pages you surf at that site, you get another ticket.

I always know that it is going to be me that wins tomorrow. Always. I haven’t yet, but I am already eligible for tomorrow.

What does this simple thing do for the site? Builds excitement and optimism right out of the gate. Plus one other huge thing. That simple ‘click to claim’ button gets me (and most everybody that uses the site) used to clicking on Legacy stuff, but it also reminds me that I have just taken something for nothing from them. I like to pay my own way, so I’m going to work at returning the value. Having your customers ‘owe you’ is a great position to do business from.

One that Doesn’t Work

Buy My Stuff. It doesn’t matter how pretty or how special, direct one contact selling is as dead as Julius Caesar.

Give Away the Garden

Win 10 with Lynn.   Lynn has built a huge following by giving stuff away. Lots of stuff including folding money and credits galore. Give, give, give. Never asking a thing in return. Well, maybe one little thing here and there, but the return for value? Out of this world. Win 10 with Lynn gives away stuff on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So much stuff that one commenter on her blog assumed she was independently wealthy (she isn’t).

How does she do it? Hustle. She provides value at both ends of the transaction. Value to the site owners that provide her the prizes and value to the people that sign up for them.

What doe she get out of it? Mammoth exposure to all of her programs, and the odd, occasional sign up at some darn fine traffic exchanges. Not to mention that people know, like and trust Lynn.

Give Away the Vegetables

Kris Rogers has made a niche by finding free stuff online and sharing it with her readers at FreeRewards4U. She’s really not out anything except some research time and checking the offers out for herself before she offers them to her peeps. It helps, I agree, that she is a talented blogger, but people also get to know, like and trust Kris. Getting her ready for the next level of her business.

So there you go. What Works at 3 very different levels. Give stuff away isn’t the only thing that works, and I’ll explore that in a later column.

What can you give to (potential) customers that has value to them? Answer that question and you are on your way.

I’m just sayin’

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