Saturday Shortstop: Don Zimmer

Don ZimmerDon Zimmer left us this week.  After 66 years in professional baseball as a player, coach and manager he leaves behind a zillion stories and memories to last forever.  We’re going to miss you Zim.

Don Zimmer had a specific impact on the game he loved, that will last far longer than he did.  Do you know what that is?

Seventy years ago yesterday the D-Day landings took place.  Don’t forget.

Am I the only one that is just entirely turned off by 100% Auto Assign TEs?  I am not very fond of the whole autoassign process, but 100% is ludicrous.  Why not just put up a sign “And Don’t Come Back.  You won’t have any credits to use anyway”?

Why is it that when you go to sign up for a site you go through the profile and finally get to the point where you can poke the ‘surf’ button.  Here comes the “You must have at least one site in rotation” pop up.  OK, I’m good with that.  I’m brand new, never surfed a page, so I don’t have any credits to assign.  Now I can surf.  No WAIT.  Another pop up!  You have to have a minimum of X% Auto Assigned.  Really.  Why not let a guy surf 25 or so pages and then make them do that to move on.  Talk about an excitement kill when what I really want is to get a look at your new site!

Lynn M wrote a very thoughtful post on the desirability for one day upgrades.  She covers the topic really well here on the Lucky 13 blog.  Since the Lucky 13 has fresh content every day, you might have to scroll down, or better yet, read down to see Lynn’s post.

Rumor also has it that not one but two Lucky 13 TE owners have made the switch and will offer 1 day memberships with the TEAMS events.  WooHoo.

Speaking of the Lucky 13, lots happened on the team that never sleeps this week.  We got a new logo “It was here or jail”.  We found, caught and excommunicated a cheater, and are in a real dogfight for the top spot for the week.  Got a couple of new teammates, too.  One thing that hasn’t changed is that we are in the Premier League for our 5th consecutive week.

In July of 1953 Don Zimmer was struck in the head by a pitched ball.  He lost consciousness and the injury required surgery.  He woke up two weeks later thinking it was still the day of the game.  Because of this incident, Major League Baseball made the batting helmet optional for it’s players.  Phil Rizzuto was the first to wear a helmet in a game.


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