Team Dimensions

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First things first. Lucky 13 has openings for two team members. This is NOT about how many points you can rack up. This is not about surfing 5000 pages per day. It is about being teammates on a strong and cooperative team. I am the leader, but I am not the boss. The team is the controlling entity. Feel free to apply.

I have been on lots of teams in my life. Athletically, to be sure, but also in business. Some were wildly successful, some were much less than the sum of their parts. What is the difference?

Team Dynamics

What makes a good team? What makes a bad team? What makes a mediocre team?

In most cases, the difference is not in the players, but in how the team works together. Truly good teams do much more than the sum of the individual. The members are ALWAYS thinking of how to help the team, and not so much about how to help themselves.

A mediocre team often has no real sense of direction, no firm goals and plan to achieve them. Every member may be trying to the very best of their ability, but a lack of specific goals and a firm idea of how to achieve them make the team a compilation of individual accomplishment.

A bad team doesn’t work together. Often include factions and cliques. “I told you that wouldn’t work” is common language here. Some members are doing the bare minimum to get by, and some are burning themselves up trying to excel. Not a pleasant environment, to say the least.

Team Scheme

Is a bad team slated to always be bad? A good team always good?

Nope. I have been on bad teams that ‘got it’. I have been on good teams that spiraled out of control.

The difference, generally, is dedication and direction. Willingness to ‘take one for the team’. A common desire given the opportunity to express itself. Sometimes the difference is so very slight…

And in the End

The biggest hit I remember in my career was a suicide squeeze bunt to win a playoff game. Didn’t travel 50 feet, and the biggest hit of my career. It’s the little things.

I’m just sayin’

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