The Reason Why

The Reason WhyThis is brought to you from beautiful, exotic Jackpot, Nevada. I am in the process of going to see my Mother and to attend a family reunion.

The Reason Why.

Everyone needs a reason why they work. It’s not just about making money, that just isn’t good enough to get me out of bed every day. No, it’s about what you and I do with that money that makes the reason why we get after it like we do.

My reason is simple enough. It’s posted semi permanently just above my whiteboard. “I just want to ride.
When I want
Where I want
How I want.”

That’s it. So here I am, 800 miles from home, just me and my motorcycle. I got to ride the entire length of Eastern Nevada yesterday, from the pointed end all the way to Idaho. I’ll be in Idaho within 2 minutes of starting out this morning.

I don’t think that most of you realize just how sparsely settled and traveled some parts of the west really are. I was on US 93 almost all day yesterday, and there were times that I would go 20 miles without seeing another vehicle. Gives me LOTS of time to think.

Part of it is looking at what is there. A lot of people just drive through and see empty space. I started out yesterday in low desert, Creosote bush is the predominant vegetation with Saguaro Cactus present. As I gained elevation, Rabbit Brush became the main plant with Yucca and Joshua Trees. Further north, gives way to Sagebrush and June Grass. I know I’m getting closer to where I grew up when I start seeing Sage.

Part of it is thinking about my business. How do I want to proceed? Where do I want to attack? What do I want to highlight?

And certainly, part of it is just the pure, dumb joy of riding a motorcycle. I spend a lot of time just grinning.

So I have my reason, my why. I have my business, which I love. I’m closing in on 3 hours worth here, and I am at least marginally on vacation…

Spend some time today, knowing what your why Is.

I’m just sayin’

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