Meeting Up is Not so Very Hard to Do

meeting upSo. I’m on vacation. Everybody expects a lame blog post, right? I’ll try real hard not to disappoint:)

Meeting Up

I went to Chewelah Wa, yesterday with the express purpose of meeting Marcus Wahl of the Legacy Team. I was stylishly late, but made it in time to join him on the CSN Spreecast. I got to join in on a couple of discussions about the business, and I got to explain and apologize for the column I wrote about CSN that was less than flattering. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had a great time.

But. I didn’t go there to be on a popular spreecast with four of the big dogs in this industry. I went to meet Marcus Wahl. Trying to guess personality and personability online is a fool’s errand. You can guess at it, but you can’t guess right.

Why does that matter?

You gotta press the flesh. You have to get close enough to see and feel. Skype video is good, and it goes a long way towards really knowing someone, but up close and personal is so much better.

Does this mean Marcus and I are friends? I don’t know. We are certainly not enemies, and at the very least, the basis is there for a friendship. Did you know that Marcus is a tennis player?

What does it mean?

Does this mean that I want to meet each and everyone of you? Well, at least in my case, yes. I am in the process of formulating a strategy that I can meet more people that I work intimately with.

Some I know better than others, already. Let’s take Janelle, Lynn M and Sunny for instance. When I meet them, I already know I am going to like them. Even if they have green things growing out between their teeth, I’m going to be just fine with them. My only worry is that I will measure up.

Meeting Up Again

So. There are a few people in SoCal and Phoenix that I would really like to meet. I’ll work on them, next. I think it is important, this face to face. The more people I can meet up with, the more people I know. The more people that I know, the wider my circle. The wider my circle, the more I make. The more I make, the farther I can go to meet people. Simple, isn’t it?

And In the End
I want to ride more. What better excuse than to be meeting someone that I know online?

I’m just sayin’

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