Sharing is Caring

Sharing is CaringSharing is Caring

Today is ‘badge sharing day’ at CTP teams. I dare say there will be more badges shared at CTP than any day prior to this. Sharing is good.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want”.  Zig Ziglar


I had a loan repay last week. Not a big deal, it’s only $25.00, and by now, I had forgotten all about it. Not exactly forgotten all about it, but certainly was not aware of the due date. It was a simple thing, a small gift to a farmer in Brazil made so he could buy fertilizer and supplies for the coming crop. He got his loan, got his crops in, and I got repaid.

So what to do? Of course, I loaned the proceeds to a farmer in Columbia that needs a loan to buy fertilizer and supplies so that he might get his crops in and growing. So the reality is, the farmer in Brazil doesn’t even know it, but by paying off his loan promptly he helped fund another farmer that he’ll never even meet.

There is another serious consequence to the actions by the farmer in Brazil and his repayment. Gave me a real lift and made the best birthday gift I got.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”  Zig Ziglar

If you are interested at all, go to Kiva and look around. Sign up, it costs nothing to join, In fact, join the Traffic Exchanges Care team here. That will help to fund a loan, just from signing up. It’s not so much, and it will help someone get what they want.

Sharing IS Caring

So share some badges today, but consider sharing $25 at Kiva. It’ll help you get what you want, really. Zig Ziglar was right once again.

I’m just sayin’


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noun \ˈplā-jə-ˌri-zəm also -jē-ə-\
: the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person : the act of plagiarizing something
From the Merriam-Webster online Dictionary

Why Care?

I’ll tell you why. It’s theft. Plain and simple theft. Your momma told you theft was wrong. She was right on. Every major religion on earth has a prohibition against stealing. Wonder why?


It is theft of time, money, creativity. People that create anything have an investment in that thing. Your clever use of it is anything but clever.

The Example

Yep. I’m mad. I’m going to name names and cite sources. That’s how mad. Take a look at the example below and see what you think.
The Original: It’s on Wendy’s Sweeva page. She took the original down as a matter of course and I don’t have a link for it.
The Copy:

Notice any similarity?

Yeah, you are right. Gary Waters very crudely hacked his face into another ad, by Wendy Browning. Her ad was titled “Christmas in July” and ran for most of a month before Gary got to it…and he announced it as a “Creative Work”.

But Wait, There’s More!

Wendy Browning is a member of Lucky 13. She was a member of Kore4. Since she moved to our team, Gary’s behavior has been convoluted at best, and probably obsessive. He just can’t seem to let go.

In All Honesty

Yes, Wendy photoshopped her face onto the image she used for Christmas in July. It is a moderately common technique. Please note that she took some time and made the transition very nearly seamless. She spent some time, energy and creativity on her ad.

And in the End

This guy (I’m all done using his name) violated the Prime Directive. “Don’t mess with My Team” I simply won’t allow that to happen

I’m just sayin’

Works Cited
“Plagiarism.” Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster. Web. 27 July 2014. <>.

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CTP Teams Remedial Class

CTP Teams CTP Teams Class

This is my last day before I get home to Yuma. The last lame post that I can blame on vacation. From here on, my lame posts will need to find another excuse.

Pay attention, class. I know this is summer school, and nobody wants to be here, but some of you failed CTP Teams 101 and need to make up some ground on what this program is all about.

This will be on the weekly exam, and will also be on the final exam. WRITE THIS DOWN AND KNOW IT!

CTP Teams IS NOT a surfing competition. Repeat NOT a surfing competition.

If CTP Teams were a surfing competition, the score would be kept in clicks. Surfing is certainly one way to get Experience Points, but it is not the only way to get XP. If you really want a surfing competition, Start Exchange and Legacy Hits have surf teams and Top Hits 4 U has a dandy monthly competition called Last Surfer Standing.

Some of you more sensitive students might want to brace yourselves for this next part: There is MONEY involved. CTP teams is set up around the business of being in business. There IS NO business if money doesn’t change hands. So if you do not spend any money, and take none in, you are not really in business.

TimTech rewards purchases. Cleverly, these rewards are called reward points. They can be cashed in for everything from coffee cups to game consoles and XP. The XP you purchase can be used when YOU feel the need.

CTP teams is about planning, sorta like business. You need a plan, and you need to be able to execute your plan. Sometimes your plan works perfectly, sometimes you need to adapt and overcome. Sometimes you may not get the outcome that you hoped for. It really is as simple as that.

A Tip of the Hat to Kevin Williams for the line that inspired this column. “CTP teams is not a surfing competition, it is an XP competition.” Thank you, sir for that gem!

I’m just sayin’

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Guest Post: Tony Calabrese

My HeroI’m still on vacation, but this isn’t another lame post.  This was written by my friend Tony Calabrese and published on the Lucky 13 blog site.  You can see the original and other great content right here.  I recommend that you bookmark or subscribe, fresh content every day by a new writer…Republished by permission of the author.


I was told by a great writer,a leader and friend Tom Wacker to write for yourself. So here goes.

I have gone through some rough times. It started 3 years ago for me. 1st I lost my job and could not get one being 59 did not help.

2nd my back was screwed up and my shoulder needed surgery. So I applied for disability and got it. That still was not my house payment,so I was living off of my pension and savings.I know not the smartest thing to do. 3rd I went to a pain DR. and he found that I had a tumor on my brain, oops .The tumor was removed and was benign. 54 days in the ICU and 4 weeks in a rehab hospital I went home.I spent 1 year, 3 days a week in therapy were I had to learn how to do everything all over. Still a work in progress.

4th I lost my house and had to move which I did. Now I can’t work even though I want to. The mind is willing but the body ain’t.

5th Someone stole my identity. I was treated like the criminal not the victim.

6th my younger sister-in-law was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and no cure.

7th my oldest son gets pneumonia has to have surgery which gets infected so he has to come and live with us because he needed constant care. He did not have any insurance because his business partner did not think he should have to pay so much and let it laps and never said anything.that’s another can of worms.

8th my mother-in-law dies. Sad but lived for 92 years.

9th my sister-in-law died so sad was only 54.

10th now my son lost everything will be a permanent resident.

11th My wife had to have a hysterectomy on June 10 and naturally had a rough go of it.

Yes I threw my self a pity party.

Yea I have been through a lot but the one person who has been through all of it and has never once said, to me anyway, why me!

My wonderful wife, my true love. My hero.


Written by Tony Calabrese

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What You WANT

What I wantSo, I’m still on vacation. I’m putting out another sporadic, lame blog post. Feel free to sue. In fact, go ahead and make it a class action suit…

What do you expect? What do you need? What do others want for you ? What do you think others expect of you?

None of the above. This is about what you WANT.

What You WANT!

It’s what keeps you up at night, the last thing you think of before you go to sleep. (Sorry dear, of course I think of you last). It’s what you wake up with in the morning. It’s what you think about in those moments when nothing else is pressing you.

If you don’t have that, you are in trouble. If the aching, nagging, need is not in you, you simply can not do what is necessary to succeed.

Note that I didn’t say ‘you can’t make any money’. Note that I didn’t say ‘you can’t get by in the world’. I said ‘if you don’t have a fire completely lit under your ass for something, you can’t succeed’.

Which is not to say your shouldn’t start if you don’t know what you WANT. Go ahead, start your business, learn the craft, do the deal. But sooner, rather than later you need to know what you want.

What It Is

For me, it’s really simple. I want to be able to ride my motorcycle when, where and how I want to. That includes keeping up with my business as I go.

This trip, this vacation, is a trial run for me. So far I have identified some things that I need, and need to do to keep up. It’s not written in stone, but I have been out long enough to know that what I want is attainable. The door is open, I just have to barge on through.

Pretty cool. I not only know what I want, but I know that it is entirely reachable. Now all that I need is some stuff and some more money.

It’s a great life, if I don’t weaken.

I’m just sayin’

More about me and my motorcycles here

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