Requiem for a Lightweight

Kathy KellyRequiem for a Lightweight

This is my poor attempt at a memorial for a friend and teammate, Kathy Kelly. For those that haven’t heard, she died suddenly on August 18, 2014. The title refers only to her body mass.

I have a number of friends on line, no doubt about it. None of them was closer to my heart than Kathy Kelly.

Like a great many others, Kathy picked me out as a newcomer early. She went way out of her way to be friendly and helpful to me, and there is no question that she is one of the reasons I stuck around this part of TE Land long enough to ‘get it’. Me and thousands of others can tell that tale.

But there is more: Every time I did anything I would get a message or a PM from Kathy telling me how great it was (even though I knew it wasn’t). She always had an ear ready when I needed to talk.

Fast forward to CTP teams. Kathy Kelly was one of the first people to jump on the Lucky 13. I have no idea why, there were more than a few teams that would have seemed more logical to me. Not that I wasn’t excited that she was part of it, I most certainly was.

She was a stalwart of the Lucky 13 from day one. When we would discuss something that she didn’t approve of, or like, she would tell me. In a perfectly polite and friendly way that whatever it was stunk. She was the guiding conscience of our team, and a big part of the team we would become. She is Lucky 13.

Among other things Kathy Kelly was the 34th person to sign up for Click Track Profit. She had checked in over 700 days in a row until August 18, 2014. Yes the day she died.

She leaves behind a wealth of friends.

In early June, Kathy had asked me to come to Huntington Beach to go to the Ronald Reagan Library with her husband. They have a monthly baseball exhibit and speaker this summer, and knowing how I am about baseball (as is her husband) she thought it would be great. I postponed the chance because it was so close to the start of my vacation. I wish now that I had gone.

If heart and soul and mind matter, Kathy Kelly was truly a heavyweight. I just couldn’t bring myself to call her by that in the title here. Long as there is a Lucky 13, in fact, long as I am alive, she will not be forgotten. A Heavyweight by any definition save size.

I miss her horribly.

I’m just sayin’



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Saturday Shortstop: Joe Cronin

Joe CroninJoe Cronin 7 time all star, MVP, first ballot Hall of Fame. I remember him as the President of the American League, a position he held when I was young. By all reports and accounts, one of the truly all time greats.

So. I know it’s Saturday but I have a test for you. Ready?

How many mailers give you XP for mailing?

A: One. Sunny Suggs My Free Resources is the first and only to give you 1000 XP every time you send a mailing.

A pretty savvy move by a very savvy operator. You can count on Sunny to get things right and not much gets by her.


Advertising Know How has purchased tiered XP badges from TimTech. People do that every day, right? Well, not Robert Puddy. This is one of those BIG deals. I’ll have more to say about it after:


Tony Tezak and Tezak Traffic Power also bought tiered XP badges from TimTech. Same day. Two great BIG deals in the same day.

Big Deal

Well, yeah, it is. These are two absolute Titans of TE Land. It’s the sort of thing that could signal a new Renaissance in our industry. I’m not saying that is guaranteed, but the path to it is certainly a lot clearer than it was last week.

CTP Teams

Valentin Mavrodin (Hunters) and Walter Mulder (Uber Surfers) both started CTP Teams this week. As I write this, both teams are safely in the top 20 overall, and show the distinct possibility of making the Premier League in their first week in business. Impressive, to say the very least. Watch for these two teams going forward. I certainly will….

Joe Cronin was a great ballplayer for a long time. He may have done his greatest service to the game he loved after he quit playing. Long term dedication to a cause it a great business model for you and me

I’m just sayin’

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Sigh Again

This post by Elina Balashova was originally published on the Lucky 13 team blog.  I felt it was a particularly heart felt commentary and so republish it here in it’s entirety.  With permission, of course.  Thank you Elina.


Time to write.. Sigh… Believe it or not, but even a week later I am feeling tired. Not even tired. Empty! It was a crazy week. Everybody keeps saying only one word about it – EPIC! Yes, epic it was indeed. It was mentally, physically and in all other ways challenging battle. And after its culmination on Monday morning, I am feeling very empty. I am not sure if I felt differently if we officially won, probably would have been happy but tired anyway.

Why did I say officially? Because it’s not the first time in history when the second place is sweeter :). Europeans will understand what I mean when I mention this years’ Eurovision Song Contest winner. Why oh why did I remember that one now??

Anyways, in my eyes Lucky 13 won! Not because it’s my team (that also of course…). Also considering all the given resources that we had and (non-existing) rules of the game, I think we rocked it!

We are a very strong team. We work a lot, many of us are having full-time offline jobs or online jobs that require a lot of time and involvement. And still we play this game almost non-stop. No-no, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying, oh poor us, we deserved to win. I am saying that we are a fully formed group with most of us being in contact with each other daily. We are commited to our team. And that is our huge plus and in a way a minus. That is the reason why switching members only for getting new 400% bonus is not an option anymore. Looks like it’s more easy for some other top teams. Of course it makes it more easy if you can switch members between two teams when needed. Some members get some “rest” in another team while a newbie is giving his fresh strength with a bonus to you.

Well, I am not blaming anyone. Really. We don’t have rules in this game, so every leader can choose their own tactics. To make it more fair I would suggest implementing some restrictions for switching members during a week. Come on, even in football you can’t switch as much as you want ;).

This week has been definitely very quiet on our side. A lot is happening with our teamies this week, good and not so good. Teamies, have some rest, gain new strength and come back to us happy and stronger than ever, we love you!

And on more positive side. We are getting more and more additions to our game. Now we can hunt for golden eggs. Thanks for thinking about badge hunters like me 🙂 And as I type, I see some new stuff being added to the game, kingships! Interesting…. Way to go, TimTech! Make it even more fun (but don’t forget about adding some tiny rules ;))

Go Lucky13!

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XP and CTP Teams

XP from CTP TeamsOK, you have decided you want to increase your standing by using CTP teams. What do you do next?

An Alternative

Here’s a possibility. Valentin Mavrodin (Hunters) and Walter Mulder (Uber Surfers) have both started new teams since my last post. Either on of these will help you raise your profile if you want to work. I can’t see that you could go far wrong with either leader. Valentin has been on his own since Monday and rose to 20th place all by himself. He now has helpers, expect his team to rise. Walter just started, you can expect a hard working, fun loving TE owner if you join Uber Surfers.

Remember the goal of this hypothetical team is to rise as quickly as possible to the Premier League and to stay there. Let’s say there are 10 members on your new team. What’s next?

The Big Two XP

1: Kore4. If you haven’t upgraded to Kore 4 now would be an excellent time. You get a stupid good bonus for your team, and you get a host of great products for you. You also get a great bonus for your team every month on the anniversary of your sign up, not to mention 4x all of the XP that you earn. Single best thing you can do for yourself and your team.

2: Daily Challenge. Do it early, do it as fast as you can. There are really good XP for completing every level, but even more, you give your team a multiplier bonus. By doing the DC early you give your team the bonus for the maximum amount of time. It helps. Lots.

What You Need

So. Here’s the number. 1,000,000. That is the number that each team member wants to get EVERY DAY. If you have 10 team members that would give you 10 million per day, 30 million would get you to 8th place today.

It sounds hard, near impossible. It isn’t. Right now, Surfaholics Alpha is averaging 8 million per player per day, and that is sure to go up by the end of the week. Of course they concentrate on their bonus numbers and maximizing their points every day. You need to also.

There are lots of ways to earn XP, and once you have set your bonus for the day, it is a good idea. The golden egg is a good way, but the thing can be hard to find. Once you find it, tell your team and surf hard. Millions of points up for grabs every day.

Tiered badges at selected TEs pay face value in regular (pre bonus) xp, and that can be very attractive. Nerd surfing adds to that and the big badges really pay.

Lots of ways to get XP, and it’s a good idea to make sure you and your team are familiar with all of them.

So. Get your million points per player per day, and see where you land. I’m pretty sure that will put you in the top 7 most weeks. You can do it. Once you have a month or two in the Premier League, you should be able to stock your team with premium players. Then you’ll be ready to challenge for the top.

I’ll be watching with great interest!

I’m just sayin’


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CTP Teams: Rise to Prominence

Rise to ProminenceCTP TEAMS The Path to Fame and Fortune

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, CTP Teams is a stunningly good way to get yourself known in TE Land. And the more well known you are, the more stuff you are liable to sell. It’s what we are ALL looking for, isn’t it?

Don’t believe me? I present Matt Badura, Jean Kopinski and Rosita Maasch. 3 names that have risen to prominence in the last 12 weeks, and all from one source: CTP Teams. There are more, many more.

CTP TEAMS: The Shortcut

Matt Badura and I were chatting last week (Yes, I am occasionally required to chat with the leader of the hated Surfaholics Alpha. It is strictly professional.) and the topic of how we would build a team today came up. Started me thinking. What is the secret shortcut to prominence in CTP Teams? There is one, and I’m about to expose it.

Three Ds

Here is the secret. Decision, Dedication and Do.

“I know it’s been said, many times many ways….”

Decide. That rising to prominence in a CTP team is what you want to do, that it is what you need to do, that it will further your career faster than any other path that you can choose.

Dedicate yourself to at least 6 months of hard, grinding work. It doesn’t take over 3 or 4 hours a day to excel, but you need to commit to doing the necessary work EVERY SINGLE DAY. For the next 6 months.

Do. Nike had it right: Just do it.

Build a team or excel on an existing team?

I could see being able to work within either framework. Build a team is going to be harder at the start, motivate yourself on an existing team will be way easier at the start but could be problematic down the road…

It’s a question you have to answer for yourself. Both can and will get you to the very same place, but how you do so is entirely up to you. I can see serious advantage to either way. Let’s look.

Build a Team: You start with one, and spend a week or two just showing EXACTLY what you can do. Get in early, stay late and maximize your points. Once people can see that you are serious, start to invite and advertise for people that are also willing to do the hard work. It could and should be slow, tedious work, but you will be the leader that leads by example and you can draw like minded individuals to you.

Join a Team: You find a team leader that you like, that will work hard to improve the team, and maybe, has just been waiting for that little push to get going like a runaway train. Then you spend the next two weeks racking up points, and being pleasant and likable inside the team. Helpful, even.

Remember that the goal is to make the Premier League and STAY. Unless you join Surfaholics Alpha, the Stray Cats or Lucky 13 you are gunning for positions #4 through 7 overall. Right now, that is the utter reality of CTP Teams.

I’m going to pause this here and now, and will continue right here early next week.

I leave you with a video that was sent to me by Nick Grimshawe. Consider yourself pushed.

I’m just sayin’


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Lucky 13: Behind the Scenes

Lucky 13 Battle PlanThis isn’t the post that was originally going to be here. Spreecast hates me this week and I couldn’t do my normally scheduled show. This is what some of it would have been…

Lucky 13 makes a Plan

We started planning the first week in August during the last week in July. As a team, we were locked into third place for the month. We couldn’t move up or down, so we took it pretty easy. And planned for the first week in August.

We had a couple of things going. Sunny Suggs had the Daily Challenge at Click Your Face Off on Wednesday, August 6th. Tony Calabrese planned to upgrade to Kore4 in early August. The team ALWAYS supports a team member during the daily challenge, so Tony decided to upgrade on Wednesday to maximize our bonus for the day.

It worked. To perfection. Lucky 13 jumped out to a pretty significant lead and the team really turned up the surfing numbers.

What we (I) didn’t anticipate was the response from Surfaholics Alpha. A big deficit didn’t bother them at all, they struck back with a vengeance. At one point Thursday Lucky 13 was ahead by over 100 million points.

They could have just quit, and waited for the next week. They didn’t.

At some point Thursday or Friday, it would have been sound tactics for one or the other team to just let it go, settle for second place and wait. The Lucky 13 (and I presume the SAAs) just were not willing to stop. Both wanted to win, both went all out.

The rest of the story is pretty well known. Lucky 13 came up short at 11:58 PM on Sunday. Two minutes short. It was wild and crazy to say the least.


The SAAs won the week. For the month, they are 1 point ahead of the Lucky 13.

I submit that the 7 (yes, seven) people that upgraded to Kore4 are winners. Those of us that are used to the benefits of that program would all agree. Tony Calabrese, Pan Garan and Madolyn Joseph from Lucky 13 are big winners.

The teams BOTH won in that they were tested and passed. Both teams acted and reacted as a team piling up points at a phenomenal rate. Both pushed the limits of their capabilities, and both moved those limits significantly.

To explain how complete this run up was, consider this. At server switch Sunday night, the top 10 individuals overall were all from Lucky 13 or Surfaholics Alpha. And ALL 10 would have qualified for the Premier League as individuals. Impressive scoring to say the least.

So the win goes to SAA. It also goes to Lucky 13, and maybe most of all, it goes to CTP TEAMS. Who would have thought what could be? Who would dare think what CAN be?

I’m just sayin’



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Saturday Shortstop: Lou Boudreau

Lou BoudreauLou Boudreau was a great player from 1938 to 1952. Eight time all star, in 1948 was the AL MVP and Manager of the Year, helping the Cleveland Indians to their last World Series win.

Ok.  It’s now official.  ‘This is Ryan’ is the most used page in TE Land.  Listen I get Kore4, and am a big fan.  1st day subscriber and promoter.  But give poor Ryan a break.  Anybody that hasn’t seen that page is nearer dead than alive, and not a very good candidate for K4.  Really.

Speaking of voices I have heard too much of, Steve Ayling’s woman announcer’s voice just makes me crazy.  He’s got a great startpage campaign going on all over TE land, and that spot is particularly suited to the task.  It’s all good except for the voice.  Must remind me of an ex wife.  Or maybe all 3…

Jon Olson. Yes that Jon Olson, announced this week that he got a subpoena to testify at a trial as a witness. My question: Has anyone ever, in the history of humankind, been happy to see a subpoena?

Of all things, there is a controversy at the Sweeva Surf Party. Some individuals are really solo people and some are multiple people. Confused? You should be. This last week, the winner in the individual category had no members of their individualness that would have made the grade against the top 3 solo individuals.

OK. So here’s the deal. Individual is ONE. Team is multiple. If Legacy can’t compete as a team, they should give all their advertising to one member of their team and compete that way. Individual is one person. Team is more than one. There, I’ve said it.

Boudreau wasn’t just a baseball player. He played Basketball at the University of Illinois, earning All American honors in 1938. He was also the father-in-law of the last 30 game winning pitcher, Denny McLain.

Player and manager, Lou Boudreau excelled at both. Multi talented is a fine attribute for anyone in any business.

I’m just sayin’

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