escusesExcuses: The more you make, the more they take!

I was raised in a culture of ‘no bullshit, no excuses. Do it or don’t, but don’t tell me WHY you can’t. Somebody else will get it done.’

How then, did I come to be so prolific at excuses? I’m not sure, exactly.

Part of it is honesty. Deep, pure personal honesty. I am pretty darn good at deceiving myself, and giving myself a pass on something that I really should do or have done.

Everything after But is Bullshit

Or, more politely, everything after but is excuses. As in “I would have gotten my chores done, but there was a whale in the water trough” or “I really meant to build that splash page for the Surf Party, but the dog ate my mouse” or “I could have had a hit but the shortstop got in the way.”

I’ve got a Million of them.

Some of them are even pretty good, if I do say so myself. Like “CTP Teams and the Lucky 13 is really taking up a lot of my time”. As if I have much to do with Lucky 13 except get out of my teammates way. That’s really what I do there…

How about “I really miss Kathy. I just don’t want to take down her tribute because long as it is front page it somehow seems like she’s still with us”.

The whole truth is that I haven’t written for my blog because I just haven’t been feeling it. I know that a real writer slugs through these times. It has just plain gotten easier to not write than to write. But….

Now you know the truth. I’m not a real writer, just a schlub that puts words on a document when he feels like it, but…

I have plans for this blog, things I want to do with it, I really want to write longer posts that will capture my reader’s interest. But….

It takes hard work and dedication.

Just like everything else. Hard work and dedication. No but in that sentence.

I have just thought of a great new business opportunity for myself. “Excuses R Us” I could tap into my limitless pile of excuses and publish one per day for those of you that don’t have the experience in this field that I have.
But it would mean doing it everyday. How could I possibly hold up that sort of pace. I’m sure I would find other things to do….

I’m just sayin’

My friend Erv Barnes is writing again.  It’s not business but it is life related.  Check out this post for a sample.  It’s REALLY good stuff.


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