Saturday Shortstop: World Series Edition



World Series Shortstop


Brandon Crawford is an American born shortstop for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. It’s the second championship ring in his collection. Crawford is one of only 6 players in Baseball history to hit a grand slam home run in his first Major League at bat.


I track everything. You all know that. Well, this week I am getting stupid good click rates at Click Your Face Off and Cup of Traffic. Some of the highest I have ever seen.

Is anyone else irritated with the trend toward ‘fake sites’? Copies or clever fakes of prize pages for other sites? Well, yes I am.

Brian Cullen went over 5000 pages at Lords of Lothar last week one day. No big deal, right? I mean the place is addictive enough for 5 K pages right? Well, Brian did it on his very first day of surfing. Ever. My guess is that he likes it….

Speaking of Lords of Lothar, I am really attracted to it also. Combination game and Traffic Exchange, and it works real well. Looks like the Goettman boys have a serious winner on their hands. So much so there are already ‘spin off’ sites relating to it…

Zen coins is rumored to have a value already. Atomic Trade has posted a value of .27 (twenty seven cents) per coin. It is too early to really call that a value, but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction.

WS shortstopAlcides Escobar signed with the Milwaukee Brewers as a 16 year old out of Venezuela. He played for the Brews in 2009 and 10 before being traded to Kansas City. He is signed with KC through the ‘15 season with club options on ‘16 and ‘17. He played all 162 games in 2014, one of only 3 players to do so.


Sometimes, just getting yourself in position to do great things is a matter of luck. More often it is consistent hard work.

I’m just sayin’

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