Batteries NOT Included

batteriesHow many times have you gotten that cool thing and realized it needed batteries and you are flat out? Even worse you are one battery short? Nothing, repeat nothing more frustrating.

The Lay of the Land

TE Land, that is. The industry we live and work in is just full of cool things to use, and most of them are FREE to use. There are literally thousands of TEs, there are PTCs, there are educational sites, there are tools. All free.

You can join any number of TEs, surf your brains out and get your very own advertisements into rotation and possibly even sell some stuff. You can learn (free) how to create your very first ad campaign at Your Email Series, and even AdKreator has a free component. You are good to GO!

You can build a list. WordPress or Blogspot have free blog pages readily available. You can use Rocket Responder is free for 30 days. There is absolutely no reason not to start.

You can track your ads for free, too. is free to start, and Trackeryme is a free utility based on how to use to maximum advantage.


Batteries are NOT included. Sooner or later, you are going to have to face the fact that upgrades aren’t luxuries, they are utterly essential to your success. Better surf ratios and credit ratios at TEs, unlimited tracking and autoresponder, better information on how to use these tools. It all has a cost, and you might as well decide that sooner is much better than later where you business comes in.

Batteries beget Batteries

I’m going to let you in on an insider’s secret. Program owners are far more likely to deal with you as an individual if you are upgraded in their program. If you are helping to put food on their table, people are way more likely to help you put food on yours. Who knew? It seems to be a business sort of thing.

You wouldn’t consider buying the latest toy without batteries. Why try to run your business with none?

I’m just sayin’



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