Appearance Counts

Remember?  Your mother used to critique your appearance before you went out the door? My Grandmother, various Aunts, even my first baseball coach (Look like a ballplayer, play like a ballplayer).

They may have been on to something.

Your website, your splash page, your landing page, anything you put in the public eye is a DIRECT reflection on you and how you do business.

Spelling and spacing errors on your splash page?

A landing page that does anything but make me want to click?

Unwanted characters on your website (It’s an LFM weakness, and EASILY correctable) (I just happen to know).  A latest news tab that was updated over a year ago?


Look like a ballplayer, play like a ballplayer.  I was so proud of that first uniform.  Real step through socks, a mock up of the Detroit Tigers road uni.  Sleeves and shoes and I WAS a ballplayer.

Can I be anything less with something I create?  Can You?


So.  I’m going to try to write what is on my mind.  No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN.  Let me know what you think, please.

I’m just sayin’

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