I absolutely love motivational books and writing.  I read them routinely and with great relish.  I ALWAYS have good intentions to put these things in practice in my daily life.  Sometimes, I even succeed.

Here’s the deal.  Within half an hour of opening my eyes, I am working on something.  It may be something I’m writing, it might be surfing the daily challenge, it might be research on a project…but I am on it and soon.

You might say I’m motivated.  I say I love what I do.  Motivation has little to do with it, I want to EXPAND.  I want to get better, every day.

If you have to motivate yourself to do what ever it is that is in front of you, I suggest that you try something different.  You obviously aren’t in love with what you do or the way you do it.  Change something.

I’m just sayin’

So. I’m going to try to write what is on my mind. No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN. Let me know what you think, please.

Happy Birthday to my friend Janelle Pineau!  My life is much improved by having you as a friend.  Enjoy your day…


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