Long haired bums

I am a child of the 60s.  Yes, the 1960s.  I turned 10 in the first year of the decade and 20 in the last.  Those 10 years did more to shape my life than any other.  For better or worse.

We flower children took a lot of grief from the Greatest Generation about our music and our hair length and our choice of clothing.  Not to mention our politics (I am a Vietnam era vet who was opposed to the war.), our approach to marriage, the sanctity of virginity our choices of recreation and a few other things.

Let me tell you something.  A lot of angst and resentment and bad feelings with the generation in front of us was the result, and it never ever went completely away for me.  I have had mentors in my life that fought in WWII, and even they would say “You had it easy, even in the war….”

I worked my ass off.  I lived the American dream, I did everything, and it was never enough.

And now, the same generation that suffered the persecution is doing it to another generation.  What is wrong with this picture?  Let the young people make their choices, let them find their way in life.  We did.  Appreciate that they aren’t exactly like us or like we were.

I’m just sayin’

A tip of the hat to Janelle for the days thought.

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