True Love

V StromI love my motorcycles.

No, that isn’t quite correct.  I love what I get from my motorcycles.  Within a couple of minutes of the wheels starting to turn, I get a peaceful feeling with a small continuous adrenaline drip.  My mind is sharp, I can think things through, my body is vigilant for the trials of the road.   I am fully alive, tuned into myself AND my surroundings.

It’s too bad I can’t bring that to my day to day.  I can’t, can I?

Well, knowing that there is a new adventure just about here certainly helps my mental Lake Michigan Conniestate, and I am always either riding or planning the next ride.  I have two very large US maps in my living room/office, there is no place that you can sit in this room without seeing one, and I can usually see them both.

I work to ride, and I ride to solve problems and plan my work.  It’s a tough life…

So I would ask you, Who/What do you love?

I’m just sayin’

So. I’m going to try to write what is on my mind. No careful crafting of an article, no concern for the SEO value, no minimum or maximum length, and OFTEN. Let me know what you think, please.

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