Copy Cats

Remember when we were kids?  Nobody wanted to be a copy cat, but nobody wanted to be much different, either.  Things change, right?

Not so much.  When was the last time you saw a truly unique thing?  When you heard a truly unique idea?  Been a while I’m guessing.

Things advance by stages, and always have.  The first car from Carl Benz doesn’t look much like anything we drive today.  And despite what you might hear in the advertisements, Mercedes Benz has NOT made every advancement.

So copying is in fact, an art form.  The very best copy is an improvement on a tested theme.  The very worst is an ugly clone of something that worked for someone else.

Feel free to improve on something that you can and will make better.

Don’t be that person that copies the hot set up today.

If you can make it better, do it.  If you can only change the colors or the font or the paint, don’t bother.

I’m just sayin’

Tip of the Hat to Jon Olson, who got me thinking about this at TE Live on 12-16.  If you missed it, you probably want to watch the replay, it was epic.




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