At Fault

So I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately in TE land about the low quality of Exchanges and the reasons for it. I have even seen a suggestion that the people that write the scripts should be held responsible for scammers that use their product. Really?

The argument or comments go something like this “They just buy a cheap script and throw it up, expecting to make money” “Any dumbass can afford a cheap script. Just cause they put it up doesn’t mean it is a business” Cheap script, cheap script, cheap script. It is a mantra around TE Land right now…

That’s like saying “That damn Henry Ford just sells his cars way too cheap. Now everybody that has a little money will be driving. And some may be used for criminal purposes” Or “Somebody should have stopped IBM when they had the chance to cancel the PC business. Look at all the rot that is on the internet…”

Let me tell you something. LFMTE is a fine product. In fact, it probably qualifies as a great product that is available at an incredibly reasonable price. Right now, it is the only value conscious product that will allow you to get a TE going short of custom coding. Which is not now, nor has it ever been cheap.

Robert Puddy is a mastermind at selling. He practically gives away the primary product (the top of the funnel, children) and then starts the upsell. By the time his prospects get to the bottom of the funnel they are truly customers for the long term. It is a great system, and it is classic marketing/business at it’s finest.

It just amazes me that the primary complainers about this process seem to be the same guys that are selling credits at their TEs for $1.00 per thousand. Really? In a race to the bottom you have lost any sales funnel you might have had.

I’m just sayin’

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