Free at Last

What Part of Free Don’t You Understand?

I hear a lot of complaints in TE Land about the cost/expense of doing business. I don’t buy that load of crap, but there are things YOU can do to minimize your costs.

You can surf tons at your favorite TEs (hopefully the ones that get you results) and advertise like a big dog with the credits you earn.

You can be a ‘value conscious’ shopper. The recent Black Friday and current ‘Christmas’ deals are truly epic in a lot of cases.

Or you can just suck up free credits like a sponge in the bathtub.

Did that get your attention? Where/How/When do I get to the free credit trough?

Win10withLynn. Lynn M gives away at least 1000 credits EVERY DAY at some of the hottest TEs in the business. Well ok, not every day. Some days she gives away a filthy $10 bill. All you have to do is tweet a simple sentence to be eligible for the day’s prize. 30 seconds out of your life.

But first, you have to figure out the sentence.  How do you do that?  By seeing Lynn’s advertisement.  You can ALWAYS find it at Sweeva, usually at TERL and LoL, at the sites with Vault and Keys and the DC.  Plus about 100 others.  Look for it.

TrafficBreakTrivia Every Saturday at 6:00 PM EASTERN time Lynn M and her lovely co host (and soon to be Mr. Lynn M:)) host a trivia challenge live on Vokel. Everybody that shows up gets a prize whether you answer a question or not. FREE. Not to mention that it is about as much fun as anything on the internet…

You have to take a little action. A tweet a day and sign in to the broadcast on Saturday. Probably can’t afford it, huh?

Jeeze. Lynn tells me that she has trouble giving away all the stuff that her sponsors give to her. How can that be?

OK then. In all honesty, Brian Cullen (LynnM’s co host and fiancee) is a wonderful guy, a good friend and a huge asset to Lynn and her show. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

I’m just sayin’

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