I actually started this the day after Christmas.  Other things kept pushing it back…

I got to watch some cool stuff today.  I live on a longish cul de sac or a short dead end street.  There are 16 houses on my street, and 4 children all girls.  2 boys, (I think visiting Grandma for Christmas) with brand new Razor Scooters.  Obvious Christmas presents.

I was standing outside when the smallest came out with his scooter.  It was a beautiful day, so I got a cigar and settled in to watch.  In about a minute, big brother came out with his brand new scooter.  Big brother was maybe 7 and little brother maybe 5.  I fully expected to see big brother ride around and the little guy struggle.  I was wrong.

Big got them side by side on the smooth street (we have very low traffic, and very smooth rubber capped streets that just don’t work in snow country) Big showed him how to put his hands on the bars, and how to put one foot on the scooter and push with the other.  Then he told little to try.  He did, and not very well.  Big showed him what he did wrong (more accurately, how to do it right) and they turned around to make another pass by Grandma’s.

It went on for half an hour.  Big very patiently showing little how to get better and better. And it worked.  Little got better by the minute, it was fun to watch.

So?  You just can’t overestimate the value of a mentor in business, either.  Somebody that has been there, done that can shorten your learning curve significantly.  It’s the way it really ought to work.

And what else?  I went back out an hour or so later.  Little was out there practicing his butt off.  He had gotten MUCH better in 2 hours.  I know he worked for at least 3 hours that day.  I’m sure he is doing tricks by now…

A little hard work and sweat goes a long way for your business and mine, too.

I’m just sayin’

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