New Enough

It’s 3 hours into the New Year for me, and I think the Earth has just about spun completely through (I think Hawaii just hit midnight) the cycle.

I’ve always been interested in time and time zones.  I have a wold globe in my living room, and I can spin a great shadow line all the way around when I want to see the effect.  It shows very clearly the day/night line and how it proceeds around the world…

Kitt Peak, Arizona is home to the largest collection of optical telescopes on Earth.  Not only a great road to the top, but very visitor friendly and full of interesting exhibits.  It is there that I learned that I live about 16 minutes east of the center of Mountain Time Zone. A time zone is 60 minutes wide, so in reality I should have celebrated New Year’s at 12:16 am local time.

There is another way to monitor the spin of the earth and the time zones.  Monitor a good, healthy skype room on the appropriate day.  From Russell Stockley in West Australia to Dorena Begonia in Hawaii are 23 hours of New Year’s greetings.

The truly amazing thing is that I am not only aware of people and local time, but I care.  It is part and parcel from my online involvement.  It is almost magical to me, this connected jumble that is the internet…

I’m just sayin’

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