2015 Revealed

Predictions are easy. Being right on said predictions is hard. Let’s see how I do.

TE Land

OK. I think there are too many. I think this has to be the year of market correction, I don’t think TE land can grow any more without some TEs going away.

Blame whatever bogeyman you wish. Cheap Scripts? Irresponsible Owners? Non Motivated Owners? It makes no difference what the reason, the point is there are too many TEs.

How do I know? You can regularly buy credits for $1.00 per thousand at some pretty darn good Traffic Exchanges. That price point has got to be very near the bottom. In a race to the bottom, once the bottom is hit, businesses go away. It is the way of the world. The unfortunate part is that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Some good, reliable, viable TEs might get sucked into the vortex and failure. I expect it to be so. I predict that there will be at least a couple of ‘industry standard’ type TEs that won’t be around for 2016.


Well, I am sure there are too many of these. I think it is really easy to say that there are a huge number of S/Ms that will just be ignored into never never land. That is already happening. I do not expect the same sort of correction in S/M land, just a whole bunch that fade away.

I think there are multiple reasons for the mailer collapse. In my opinion, the number 1 reason for failure is the ‘Featured Solo’ part of the business. Why in the world would you cultivate a list (it’s called a safelist for a REASON) and then sell that list to any spammer that comes along? Really? Doesn’t make ANY sense to me. I hope the short term money gain was worth it to you.


No report. I lost some money and all interest in a couple of the collapses of last year. I just haven’t paid any attention.


This sounds really negative, but I am not. I think our little corner of the internet is going to rebound just fine. We made it through the general fiscal malese of the last couple of years, and maybe the overpopulation can be laid at the feet of getting out of the gutter generally.

I when we look back at 2015 in a few years we will see a great year for the TE industry. But I think there is going to be some growing pains first. I am very optimistic about 2015.

I wish you the very best there is for this new year.
I’m just sayin’

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